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Photo Observation #9

2) Photo taken by Nic Christopher. June 24th 2010 at around 6:30 PM. Taken on a hiking trail in Steamboat, Colorado.

3) THEME: Intrigue

4) DESCRIPTION: This photo was taken a few years while I was on a hike with my parents in the northwestern part of Colorado. We went for an evening hike to enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful mountain air that was surrounding us. We walked up the path and saw all kinds of animals and interesting shapes in the mountains before we arrived at a plateau with a cabin and a big grassy field. After we explored the abandoned cabin we finally started to head back down the mountain to the car. On the walk home, me and the dog kept getting ahead of my parents and having to stop and wait for them to catch up.

At around 6:30, the sun had passed to the right of me and the path we were walking on was now in full shadow and my sunglasses were no longer needed. The mountain to my left was glowing bright and being warmed by the late afternoon sun. Once the dog and I got ahead of my parents I stopped with her and took off my sunglasses as we stopped at a large rock that was sitting next to the trail. I set down my sunglasses on the rock and started playing with the dog. At one point I looked over at my sun glasses and realized the intriguing reflection in the lens. I grabbed my camera and began to shoot.

What I love about this picture is how it transposes the west facing mountain onto the eastern facing one. My black glasses are placed upon the very muted and gray background that does not resemble much life. The background is very plain and feels dead and dry. If you study the reflection in the lenses however, you see a hillside that is luscious and full of green, colors and life. The hillside is warmly lit from the late evening sun and the colors are popping right out of the hillside. I love the fact that you can also see the camera on the side of the lens as if it is someone or something that is looking in on this other contrasting side. It is shadow meets light in a burst of life and color.