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photo observation #9


There is absolutely nothing more intriguing than the great outdoors. The National Parks, man’s desire to conquer or be one with nature, there is a mystery of nature that will never be solved, yet we keep trying. There is something fantastic about what we don’t know. I think sun and shadow made purely by nature is the most intriguing lighting that can be found.

Photo Observation

2. By Ryan Pohlner, taken in Ocean City, MD on June 18, 2011.

3. Intrigue

4. Light in itself is incredibly intriguing. This photo I found was to be just that. Light drawing you to a source.

I picked this specific picture because I lately have been feeling a little homesick and nostalgic. I’m from Maryland, so Ocean City was  a staple in my childhood vacations. I remember the treat that was the boardwalk and running on the beach at night, which somehow was WAY more exciting than being on the beach during the day.

I love that this photo is taken from the beach and is looking towards the boardwalk. The light is literally exploding off the boardwalk, and lighting up everything surrounding it. You feel alone surrounded by the darkness of a beach at night, but the light ahead reminds you of the life and excitement and is drawing you to it like a moth to a flame.

Lighting Observation

1) Wednesday March 28, 2012 around 6:00 pm

2)  The light hitting the library

3) I was walking to Bits with a friend to grab some dinner the other night. The sun was just about set, casting the library in this bright golden light. However, because of the angle, the library was the only thing lit. The surrounding buildings were shrouded in darkness, drawing even more attention to the mass building that is the library.

Because it was a late sunset, the light was pure gold, which reflected off the windows, making it seem ever brighter. Compared to the desolate, dark buildings surrounding it, the library looked like a temple, Nirvana, or some great place to pay homage to, not a grimy college library where 70 year old men go to pleasure themselves.

By the time we left Bits, the sunset was gone, and the building had gone dark, like the others around it. I was glad to experience that brief moment of blinding beauty, even if it was fleeting.

Photo Observation #9

2. By Genevieve

3. Intrigue

4. When I think of intrigue, I think of curious. Something has to bring out your curiosity, whether it be a food or object or whatever the case may be. So when I found this picture, I laughed a little bit because its a chubby cat playing with string. But I thought it was perfect because this cat was intrigued by a ball of string. There are pictures of the cat before this moment where he is getting ready to touch the string, and it was cool to see his process of finally being ok with the string and sleeping next to it. Lighting wise I like how the focus is on the cat and string, heightening the fact that this is about the cats intrigue.

Lighting Observation #9

1. 3/23/12 9:00 p.m. in New York City

2. The Video Boards and lights in Time Square.

3. I love New York City. It’s got everything you could need in one tight place. I’ve never been able to appreciate NYC at night though because I’d always be in a rush to catch a train back home or back to campus so I never sat back and took in the city at night. When I was given the chance to last Friday, though, I took full advantage and I was not disappointed. Lights were everywhere, from the giant video screens on buildings, to lights in the street. I finally realized for the first time why they call NYC the city that never sleeps, because the city at night is about as alive as any place can be during the day.


Lighting Observation 9.2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/24/12 – 2:34 A.M. – Academic side of campus just outside the Netherspann

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back from CPK with my friends late one night and as we were talking I noticed a big shadow cast on the wall of the Netherspann as a public safety officer walked in front of a light. His shadow was twice the size of him.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking back from CPK late one night with a few people that live in my house. We were wandering back in the light fog that was rolling in and enjoying each other’s company. I was listening to the conversation and enjoying the beauty of the fog and how mystical it was. I loved looking at how the light made it glow and how everything seemed so calm and peaceful. As we continued to walk toward the Netherspann something caught my eye.

What I saw was a dark and very tall shadow on the wall of the staircase. It jumped up so quickly and seemed to be so incongruent with the peacefulness of the mood that was in the air. I jumped and stopped the conversation to show everyone that there was a figure that was by the door and it was large and moving slowly. We all froze where we were and tried to analyze the situation to see what was going to happen. Slowly a large and lumbering public safety officer emerged from behind the bush and walked on toward the turnpike. It was really cool how something that should be a sign of safety and a symbol of protection had evoked so much fear upon us simply due to the fog and the way the light was casting such a tall shadow of the officer on to the wall. His shadow had to have been about 18 feet tall and the man was only about 5’10” tall. With the added element of the glowing fog that was enhancing all of the light beams around us, the shadow seemed to pop and all of the light, and lack there of, was very clearly defined wherever I looked.