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Photo Observation #11

2. Howard A. Knudsen

3. Theme: Unreal

4. This photo is beautifully real, but the lighting is so unreal because it’s not something you see everyday. Firstly the light from the outside may be natural, but it lights up the cave like a fire, and then the unreal lighting of the water is unlike any kind of water I’ve ever seen. I find myself thinking “Oh my God that fire is going to get put out by the water” then remember it actually isn’t fire. It’s amazing that this is really something that exists.

Lighting Observation #11

1. 4/27/12 2:00 a.m. Outside Student Center

2. Lighting inside Student Center in the section with the staircase.

3. Walking in front of the student center at night either means going or coming from a show or a party. Tonight it was coming home from the children’s show. I hadn’t had any lighting moments stick out to me and luckily, one just presented itself to me on my way home. I loved how the lighting combined with the staircase made it seem like the stairs were leading to another place, another destination and I was curious. Obviously I didn’t go up, but I caught myself wondering where it could lead, and it was probably nowhere near the truth.


Photo Ob #11

2. http:/, outer space blog

3. unreal

4. Unreal lighting seems mystic to me, something from another world that is entirely foreign to us. To achieve this, the lighting unifies the world in a dim blueish wash. The shapes of this other world are surprisingly similar and react the same way that it does on earth. This unreal landscape is actually created by clouds but its a picturesque we wouldn’t see. Being above the clouds puts you in another realm but light seems to unify them. I would say that light is a universal quality that is going to act in the same way everywhere but in creating unreal lighting, its more your color and brightness choices. The dim quality adds mystery that anything unreal and unfamiliar would have.


Lighting Ob #11

1. Wednesday April 25th 6pm NAB in the scene shop

2. Sunlight outside seen through the shop door

3. This moment caught all of us working in the shop off guard. As we are running about with lights and set pieces, I walked  into the shop to get steps and the garage door was open letting the breeze in. I just glanced at the door registering that it was open but the bright clarity made me stop. The day had been bright but the clouds were rolling in and ready to burst at any time. The reason it was so bright was because it was sun showering. The rain drops were enhancing the sunlight to become mesmerizing. It was only a sliver but that brightness in the corner was just what was needed for a busy afternoon in a dark theater. Its been seen before and its simple and not that uncommon but that’s what made it so mystifying. The view from the garage door is by no means a pretty one, it looks at Weed hall and the houses before hitting the turnpike but suddenly there was a filter between that drudgery and myself. Its always nice to find those little crystals during a long hard day and this lighting moment provided that uplift.

photo observation


I like this photo because the lighting is unnatural colors but natural light. I like how the boat looks like it is floating on the rocks.


Photo Observation


3) Unreal

4) I love, love, love the moving sidewalks at airports. They’re fun, they encourage laziness, and sometimes I like to walk on them while they’re moving and pretend I’m superior at walking. (Ok, that bit was stolen from Jim Gaffigan, but I digress)

This is the moving sidewalk at the Detroit Metro Airport, and it looks awesome. Maybe not awesome enough for me to actually go to Detriot, but still pretty cool.

It combines two of my favorite things, not walking and water! The juxtaposition is the best part of the lighting here. You’re in an airport, which is drab and boring and horrible and then you see the wondrous light of the moving sidewalk and suddenly you feel like you’re in one of those cool aquariums, like the one in Atlanta where it’s a tube and the sharks swim over you and you think “Gee, hope this doesn’t break and not only do I drown but a shark feasts on my innards!”

And it seems unreal that in the middle of this airport in Detroit there would be anything even remotely resembling the beauty and grace and splendor of the ocean, but oh look, there is.

At the edge of the picture, you can see the patrons stepping out of the wonderful land of the lighted tunnel back to the florescent world of the “real” part of the airport. Their faces in the picture may be blurry but you can tell how upset they are that they’re leaving that gorgeous, watery light.

Or maybe they’re upset because they have to walk again.

Or because they’re in Detroit.

Lighting Observation

1) April 26, 2012, 10:30pm, South Side of Campus

2) The street lamps in the misty fog.

3) You can often forget that this is a very pretty campus, as the winter is terrible and lately, after a bout of gorgeous weather, we’re back to the chill and rain.

Tonight, as I was leaving Spring Awakening rehearsal to rush to the Hammer Lab, I was desperately searching for a lighting moment. It was cold, it had rained today, and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck outside looking for pretty lights. I was getting closer to the unispan, and before the steps leading to the ramp were two streetlamps.

The streetlamps are all around campus that it’s easy to forget that they’re there. But tonight, I suppose the bulbs in the surrounding ones had gone out so that these were the only two within my field of vision. The glowing orb around them seemed to grow, because the air was so misty, making the sight look more like a painting than an actual, tangible thing.

I was struck by how pretty it was, and how easy it was to find the lighting moment, once I let it come to me.

It made me realize that this campus is a pretty place to live, even during the dreariest of times.

Light Observation

1. 4/22/12, 3:34, Black Box theater

2. Different colored leds lighting up the fabric of the proscenium for Spring Awakening.

3. The leds were shining through the slats on the proscenium where the fabric was and it looked like fire with the different colors going so fast. It looked like different temperatures and colors of fire and it was really amazing. On the smaller pieces of the proscenium, the way the slats are and the way the fabric is cut, the lights made it look like a ghost ship. With the cerulean and the air blowing the fabric it looked like a broken pirate ship sail in the fog blowing in the wind. It was very ominous.

Photo Observation


3. Unreal

4. The light beams shooting to the sky are light reflecting off the ice particles in the air. It looks like aliens are abducting people. It is very creepy and yet I can’t take my eyes off of it. The green color of the light is coming from an aurora in the sky. It also reminds me of the emerald city in the Wizard of Oz. With the green color and the different heights of the beams of light. I find it so amazing that light can do this.

1. Lee Wingfield, NASA

2. Unreal

3. This is a photograph taken of a NASA rocket being shot into the Northern Lights in Finland. The pure lizard green of the notrthern lights against the sky is astonishingly unreal by itself, but the addition of the red streak of rocket creates an image straight out of science fiction.