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Lighting Observation

1) Saturday April 14, 2012 around 6:30 AM

2) The sunrise in College Park, MD

3) Saturday was a very emotional day for me. When I woke up in my friend’s apartment that morning, the first thing that struck me was how vibrant and beautiful the sunrise was. It was peaking out over the horizon and smattering the courtyard outside in vibrant washes of color.

I stood, transfixed at the sight, and just watched it for a while. The sky was pink, the turned orange, and the darker orange and the sun started to move more and more into the sky. At one point the sun was huge against the sky, bigger than I had ever seen it, bathing the sky in oranges and reds that you see more during a sunset than a sunrise. Finally, it cleared, the sky turned light blue and pinks, but the way the light was catching, you could see all the sunbeams radiating down and warming the Earth.

I felt incredibly safe in that moment.

I don’t know if I believe in heaven or God, but I felt like that sunrise was a way of our passed loved ones telling us that they are alright.