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Photo Observation


2. Dealer’s choice – fireworks

3. I started thinking about what we had not done in class and came up with fire. Which led me to sparklers, which led me to fireworks. Then I found this picture and I loved it. It is so bright and colorful just like fireworks are and so interesting. I love hoe the water reflects light and the colors of the fireworks as well as the tree. It is just so bright and saturated that I really like it. The lights over the beach are like an orange color so they add more color while the city in the background is all lit up. It is a very busy image light wise but that is why I like it. There is no natural lighting, it is all lights from all different sources with different colors and it is just plain awesome.

Photo Observatione

1. Photo found on:

2. Dealer’s Choice.

3. I love kittens. I think they’re cute and wonderful and everything that is good in this terrible world.
I love that this picture, a dead leaf, something children (and college students)  will go out of their way to leap on, was just minding his own business, chilling on the sidewalk, when suddenly the light hits it just right and BAM! It’s a kitten.

Well, it’s a shadow of a kitten, but still. ADORABLE.

Now something that’s used for mindless toddler enjoyment of leaping on top of it only to hear a satisfying crunch has become just plain darn cute.

I also think it’s interesting that things like this happen every day. This photographer was keen enough to spot it out and take a picture of it, but most aren’t. Maybe if we were slightly more observant, we’d notice the kittens all around us.

Because a kitten-less world is one I do not wish to live in.

Light Observation

1) 4/18 – 4:00 pm – Design Studio

2) Intelligent lights moving to match the music playing in the studio

3) While the music from “Spring Awakening” was playing through the speakers of the design studio, the intelligent lights to be used in the show were being tested as well. The lights were dancing with the music as many of the stressed out production majors took a song/dance break and enjoyed the music. It was such a great feeling to watch the lights dance around the room to the music similar to the way a dancer would dance about the stage. It seemed like the lights felt the music and was therefore able to match movements. the colors constantly changing with each beat or phrase of the music made the overall mood of the room more relaxed as the music continued on. Almost everyone was dancing around either on the tables or in their own seats to have a moment of peace from their work. The design studio rave was just what I needed to push through the rest of the day as it got my blood pumping.


Light Observation #10

1. April 18th – 4:00PM – Design Studio in Emily Lowe

2. Bryan and Nic testing lights for Spring Awakening

3. Bryan and Nic were testing four new lights they plan on using for Spring Awakening. All of the lights could react to the bass line of music, and move/change color to the beat of the song. They played “Totally Fucked” from the show, and a Skrillex dubstep song for good measure. As the songs played (and everyone had a dance party) insane colors flashed all over the walls and ceilings of the studio. Oranges and reds and greens and blues continued to flash by, moving in crazy patterns. It was dance club-esque, all of the bright lights and movement. They are a great way to pump up energy and add excitement to a room.

Photo Observation – Lee Moore

1. Photo By Flickr User Jakob H. in Denmark, 2008

2. Dealer’s Choice

3. I saved this photo to my computer a few years ago because it makes me laugh and think of the song 99 Luftbalons. The red balloons are striking against the light to dark gradation of the cerulean sky. There is something incredibly hopeful about translucent things. The was they defy expectation, and with enough pushing let the light shine through. They brighten to unimaginable colors. I think thats really my favorite part about this picture. from this vantage point, everything should be in shadowed silhouette , spots obscuring the sun. However, these lovely translucent things are more vibrant because they stand between the viewer and the sun, catching its rays and saving them for rainy days.