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Photo Observation #12

2) Mat55it, Photographer (

3) Theme: #Allofthefeelings

4) I believe this photograph represents #allofthefeelings, because when looking at it, I really do feel a sense of many feelings rushing in at once. This is a long exposure photograph of car lights hitting a path in the woods giving it a greenish tint with an orange sky in the background. The colors work really well together they give off an eerie feeling because they are so bright, but it is clearly late night. The picture itself seems kind of frightening, because there is a spooky path in front of the audience, but there is still an sense of excitement and wanting to explore. The creepy eeriness wants you to pull back, but the lit path draws you in, it’s a complex contrast of emotions.


Light Observation

1. 4/30/12, 10:32, Bits

2. I was sitting in the glass area of bits with Athena when I put my head down on the table and looked up and the sun was shining over Athen’s head through the glass.

3. Athena, Bryan and I were eating breakfast in the front of bits with the glass are. Bryan said something that made me put my head down on the table and then Athena said something so I looked up and saw the sun right above her head. She looked like a heavenly figure with the sun right above her like that. It made me think of Joan of Ark or another martyr. It was really amazing to look at and would have made a great picture. Especially with the angle I was at.

Photo Observation


2. Meaghan Maloney

3. #Allofthefeelings

4. This is one of the many pictures I took my freshman year during April vacation. There was a tradition while my sister was at Hofstra for her and a couple of her friends give a bunch of Hofstra people tours of Boston. Because I was now going to Hofstra I got to go so I brought my digital camera and took as many pictures as possible. I love taking pictures and as anyone who knows me well, knows that if you give me a camera I take hundreds of pictures. That day I took a few hundred in a few hours. It was the most fun I had had in a long time. So many different types of photographs I was able to take as we went from one end of Boston to the other. It was beautiful out that day so the lighting was perfect when we got to the water. I chose this one because it had really nice lighting over the water but it really makes me remember taking pictures as we walked and the beautiful day. I was with some great people and we had a great time. Every picture is a memory filled with all of the feelings of that day.

Photo Ob #12



















2.  uploaded by:Tajuddin

3. #allofthefeelings

4. I love the story that this photo tells. The possibilities are endless since there are so many variable factors. To me, this girl is surprised as the light breaks the horizon catching her eyes which become the brightest area of the photo. The blurred reflection on the water also contributes to the lightness of the photo. The low angled light adds intensity to the girl due to the shadows. I think she is unsure how she feels about being discovered but has been by an authoritative figure that is somewhat interrogative. The focus is taken by her eyes and face since they are the brightest thing. This is by no means the only story this woman could have. What do you think?


Lighting Moment #12

1. May 2nd 2 am Hempstead Turnpike

2. Thunderstorm clouds rolled in with bolts of lighting

3. Driving home, it had started to pour. The kind of thunder storm that shakes the ground under you.In front of me is not only the road but alot of angry sky. As I drove a few bolts connected to the ground but one stuck out. This one was directly in front of me and bright. It was a shock to my eyes that were trying desperately to digest the lights in front of me. Knowing the nature of light and the colors it can manifest into this blue beam streaking down seemed mysterious since it not only had a unique color but it somehow brightened the entire sky. Depriving eyes of intensity would also cause some sort of starvation that has been shown to work very successfully on stage. Thus this was just nature making a statement and adding variety to the lighting it already supplies us with.


Photo Observation

Photo by me.

Theme- All of the feelings!

To say I’ve had a rough semester would be putting it lightly. It seemed that every moment I pulled myself up by the laces, something came and knocked me down again.

I was having a really hard time coming to terms with things and dealing with the schoolwork piling up, so I wasn’t looking forward to Spring Awakening tech. However, tech was exactly what I needed.

I realized how happy I was to be working on this show and the work I put into it. I was so proud of how it turned out and how lucky I was to be working on one of my favorite shows.

This is a picture of one of my favorite songs, “And Then There Were None.” Although the song is terribly depressing, because the character of Moritz feels so lost, the number is always exciting.

I managed to get this picture tonight at rehearsal of our Moritz soaring through the air after leaping off the crate he was standing on.

I guess at the beginning of this semester, I was feeling an awful lot like Mortiz (without the angst. and hair) but because of this show, I was able to pull myself out of it.

Thanks, Spring Awakening!

Lighting Observation

1) May 3, 2012, 11:00pm, 13th floor lounge in Enterprise

2) The lit fog radiating from Hofstra USA.

3) Tonight I was standing in the lounge of my building waiting for the elevator so I could do some laundry for Spring Awakening. I looked through the window and saw it was incredibly foggy. Not only that, but the fog was a reddish gold color, as it was radiating from Dutch and Hofstra USA below.

Something that blows my mind about Long Island is the light pollution. Where I’m from the sky is always completely dark at night. Here, that’s never the case. My dorm room is never completely dark.

And tonight, I realized it would be even worse, with the fog reflecting off every single particle.

It’s fitting though, with finals around the corner and with them come many sleepless nights, that darkness would be impossible.

Thanks Mother Nature!

photo observation

Photo by: me!


This picture was taken while on our boat at our vacation spot at Lake Champlain in Vermont. My extended family has been taking this trip every summer since my great grandparents found the spot about 60 or 70 years ago. My family, aunts, uncles, and cousins still meet at the same spot on this lake and spend two weeks fishing, swimming, boating, and hanging out. This picture puts me in a place and gives me a feeling I can only get on our boat in this lake. It is a feeling of total freedom and exhilaration.

Lighting Observation 12

1)2012-05-03 at 12:30 AM walking across Memorial Quad

2) Blue light from a projector that didn’t get turned off inside Davidson Hall, streaming out of the window and catching the water in the air.

3) The moment you walk out of Emily Lowe you see this unearthly glow emanating from the hall across the grass.  It is the brightest thing in any direction, almost blinding when you get closer and look directly in the window.  The rich blue catches the damp night air and looks like there could be all sorts of alien happenings or top secret experiments inside.   The reflection of the light isn’t particularly noticeable (even if it is damp) and so the fact that you only see it catch the air rather than fall on a particular surface is interesting.


Photo Observation #12


3. Theme: #Allofthefeelings

4. The stage is my sanctuary. This is where I love to be, because I love to act, and this is where I get to do that. This image is the image in my head when I imagine being on a stage alone. When I did a soliloquy in a show back in high school, I was in my element and I loved it. And I love sharing this with my friends when we are on stage together. Then, once I’m on stage, all of the feelings come out, no holding back. These are the lights I see, and I like the addition of the flowers on the stage, because this is what it’s all about: affecting people so much, they would be inclined to throw flowers on stage to show their appreciation. That’s why I do what I do, so that I can express all of the feelings and give people all of the feelings.