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Light Observation #1

1) 12:14pm on 1/30/13 on the 6th floor of the Hofstra University Library.

2) Natural light filtering through narrow windows into the darker space of the library which is lit by florescent lights.

3) This bright, almost hypnotic, light from outside casts long slivers of light across the dark and cold floors of the quiet library.  It tempts even the strongest of studiers to put aside their studying and venture outdoors.  I am not the strongest of studiers and found myself yearning for the sunlight and the escape from the dusty shelves.  I soon found myself exiting the library only to find that the light was deceptive.  The cold wind and damp air engulfed me as I quickly turned back inside.  I was once again up in the stacks of the library, attempting to study, but spending most of my time looking at this bright light filtering through the dust and wished for Spring, when this bright, hypnotic light would finally represent a warmth outside that will draw me outside.