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Photo Observation: Sunrise/Sunset

Sunrise in the Caribbean

2) This photo came from Jess and Dani from Globetrottergirls

3) Theme: Sunset/Sunrise

4) The final part of the sunrise in the Caribbean is truly a spectacular sight.  While the sunrise might start as a mystical color sequence of deep purples, reds, and oranges, it ends in a quiet, warm yellow that soothes the waking world.  When this happens, its as if the sunrise wants to say, “Now that I have your attention, here is the day.”  The warm yellow rays seem to wash away the dramatic colors and highlight the sky .   This light emphasizes the sky and its extended horizons while keeping the earth cloaked in mystery until after the spectacle of dawn is over.  I feel energized every time I see this part of the sunrise because it reminds me of where my parents will be living, the warmth of the island, and the calm, slow pace of island life that is so different than life in NY.  The sunrise seems surreal because it is so quiet and the sky is clear, no smog to block out the light.  This sunrise also isn’t sharp, like the sunrises in Colorado.  Whenever I see a sunrise in Colorado, the sun seemed to attack my eyes with the brilliance of the sun, while in the Caribbean, the sun’s warm color seems to caress the eyes.

Light Observation #1

1) 12:14pm on 1/30/13 on the 6th floor of the Hofstra University Library.

2) Natural light filtering through narrow windows into the darker space of the library which is lit by florescent lights.

3) This bright, almost hypnotic, light from outside casts long slivers of light across the dark and cold floors of the quiet library.  It tempts even the strongest of studiers to put aside their studying and venture outdoors.  I am not the strongest of studiers and found myself yearning for the sunlight and the escape from the dusty shelves.  I soon found myself exiting the library only to find that the light was deceptive.  The cold wind and damp air engulfed me as I quickly turned back inside.  I was once again up in the stacks of the library, attempting to study, but spending most of my time looking at this bright light filtering through the dust and wished for Spring, when this bright, hypnotic light would finally represent a warmth outside that will draw me outside.