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Photo Observation 3

1. Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 11.33.58 PM


3. Cold

4. I liked that there were a lot of different things that I identify as “cold” all going on in this one picture. First the obvious- ice has to be cold. The many shadows also seem inherently cold to me, as by definition shadow is a lack of light and is going to be colder. Then the entire color scheme is made up of numerous cool blue tones. My favorite part is the way the translucent part of the ice reflects the light and color throughout the space, giving it a very majestic quality.

Photo Observation #3: Cold

  1. 20060407122750_waxing-storm-ii
  2. Photo from
  3. Theme: Cold
  4. This quality of light in this picture is cool and eery. It shows the picture of a desert road which would normally be sweltering hot. On the contrary the coming storm and it’s clouds filters the light making what would naturally be a warm amber into a blue and green tinted shade. The shadows are undefined and scattered making the ground hazed and dark. The light shining through the clouds is a cool blue creating shades of grays and blues across the sky. When I look at this picture I picture the wind blowing cool air down my back and the shivering anticipation one gets in night air of winter. What is especially interesting is that the light looks cold in a climate and location that is normally extremely hot.

Light Observation #3

  1. 12:55 PM, February 14th, 2013 Netherlands Unispan
  2. It is the middle of the day. I am walking back to my dorm for lunch and I’m passing over Hempstead Turnpike using the unison closest to the Netherlands. The unispan’s walls are glass and the sun is completely filling the over pass. The light is a soft amber. The unispans beams and skeleton cast shadows against the floor.
  3. I feel as though I’m walking on top of a colorless stained glass window. The light is broken up by shadows of angular lines on the floor. When I look across the bridge, I can see a haze of dust slowly moving through the cavern. The way the light hits the haze and casts its warmth against the ground evokes a feeling of calm. It creates a beautiful image and the presence of light is strong and cuts through the glass creating a walkway of enchantment. Although it is the middle of winter, the light feels as though its a beautiful spring day.

Photo Observation #3


freezing rain


3. Theme: Cold

4.Unlike photos with cool blues to give a cold feeling, this photo shows ice on a tree brach which to me gives more of a cold feeling. When you look at it the sky and background are grey and dull as if it had just snowed or is about to snow. The ice on the branch gives a cold chilling feeling, the proximity to the viewer allows you to see the details of the ice and to me makes you feel cold. Its almost nostalgic, it reminds me of going outside after a snowstorm at my home in Massachusetts, and seeing the trees covered in ice and the chilling feeling that comes over you as you as you break the icicles off the branches.


Light Oberservation #3

1) Outside of my house, light was shining on neighbor’s car, 10:43am, 2-14-13

2) The reflection of the light was coming from the sun. This light was very clear and you could see it reflect off the tailgate of the black car. This light was the first image you saw before seeing the house. It was a symbol that represented the house and made the person watching show the colors of the house and its structure.

3) The reflection of the light showed me how that light was the first visual you saw before looking at the house. It was very bright and looked like a light bulb. It added a happy and cheery feeling to the house. This house is in the middle of two houses and when you looked outside, the house shined compared to the other houses. The sun was diagonally shining on the house.

Photo Oberservation #3

1) SUNSET #3 (2013)



3) Theme: Cold


4) This picture shows how cold and quiet the ocean is. The sky contains many different colors that signify a peaceful environment. Where the ice caps are positioned, the color is dark blue because the sky is reflecting off the ice caps. As you look farther into the ocean, the colors get brighter and you can almost see the light which signifies where you may be. The sun is setting which in this picture signifies the end of a cold winter day.



Light Observation #3

1) 2/14/12 at 7:10am in my bedroom

2) The sunlight coming in my window and hitting my bed.

3) When I awoke this morning, I felt incredibly happy, it took me a while, but then I realized it was because I was able to see the sun shining in through my window.  This cold, yet brilliant blue light pulled me from my sleep and energized me to get ready for the day without the usual assistance from coffee.  It felt as though spring was deciding to come early because of how bright the sun was.  My spirits were lifted simply because of this clear light that seemed to play on my bed and curtains, telling me that today was going to be a good day.  I love waking up to a bright sun and today was perfect, there was a clear sky and brightness to boost my moral and tempt me from my warm bed.  Usually at this time, it is consistently grey outside and I begin to feel my spirits droop with each passing day until I despise mornings.  I did not feel that way today and I was almost bouncing on my way out of the house.  It was amazing how much the light decides my mood from the beginning.

Photo Observation: Cold


2) Photo taken in Iceland by Black Tomato

3) Theme: Cold

4) The Northern Lights have always fascinated me, and while I have never actually seen them, I often envision what they must look like and how I will react when I see them.  Their cool greens and blue colors which seem to overtake the sky and the ground below as they light up the sky in the far north.  Even though there are so many colors seen in the Northern Lights, the cool green and blue seem to make the world more mysterious and ethereal.  The reflection of the lights seem to capture the mystique of the lights and why so many people study and are interested in them.  These lights are certainly not calming, they are energizing and captivating.  The snow on the ground merely magnifies the cool greens and blues winding through the sky like a snake.  This snake appears so often in the north, and yet, so many people have yet to see its wonder in person, which makes me sad because of how amazing this sight is.  I don’t think that the movies can capture what this spectacle is and I wonder how the lighting designer would capture or mimic these lights for stage, especially since the lights seem to constantly move.

Light Observation #3

1) 2/11/13, Emily Lowe Hall Room 106, 12:40PM

2) Natural light entering into the room through the windows is reflecting off a student’s watch as he is packing up to go at the end of class. The small reflection of light generated by the watch is likely about an inch in diameter, and moving rapidly along the wall, floor, and ceiling as the student prepares to leave. The light then simply moves fairly laterally along the wall as the student exits the room.

3) The little orb of light dashes around its terrain. It searches for a space of its own, interrupted by notebooks, windowsills, ceiling tiles, and florescent lights. Franticly it jumps around the room, disappearing and reappearing in another spot. The light is never content with its surroundings. Worn out, exhausted, and defeated, the light suddenly calms itself and slowly trudges out of the room. Perhaps it will be able to find its sanctuary in the hallway.

Photo Observation #3

Cold Picture




DESCRIPTION: This photo is either at sunrise or sunset on a clearly cold day. What I think makes this photo particularly compelling is how the cool colors, the blues reflecting off the snow and in the sky, look as though they’re suffocating the warm oranges and reds where the sun is either setting or rising on the horizon. It makes me feel like the warmth is being drained from the sky and from the world, giving me a frigid feeling. It makes me wonder if I could apply this to lighting, to have certain colors become slowly engulfed by other ones to create some response in the audience.