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Light Observation #3

1. 12 pm 2/9/13 Walking into the netherlands core.

2. It had just snowed the day before so everything in sight was white and the sun was extremely bright and reflecting off the snow.

3. When I walked over to get lunch after trekking through mounds of snow piles, i crossed the street and immediately a blinding glare came to my eyes. The glare came from above and below because of the reflection from the sun’s rays. It felt blinding and even looking for relief inside did not help the blinding glare was disorienting. The snow was everywhere and because it was so sunny outside the snow picked up on all of the sun but instead of using it to melt itslef, the snow caused havoc on the eyes of a bystander.

Photo Observation 3: cold


This photo gave me the feeling of cold due to the heavy shadows in the picture yet the source of light is not visible  You can see the snow still untouched on the ground and on the trees so you can tell the snow was recent so it must still be cold despite there being sunlight.

Photo Observation: Cold



3) Cold

4) People are flexible. They change just as the seasons do, sometimes even changing with the seasons. The influence of the environment can completely change a person, as we are designed to do: adapt. In the hot, dry, summer days we learn to become cool. In freezing winter nights we bundle up to keep warm. While we do change the physical transformation and adaptation is very apparent. Not just in clothing, but also in attitude and spirit. The frigid air washes over skin and turns it to ice as hearts cool and do the same.

Light Observation 3

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/14/13 5:15 PM, Driving home from work

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun has started to set and is already hidden below the trees.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The way the sun has already fallen behind the trees leaves the trees dark and silhouetted providing a great contrast to the numerous oranges and purples and blues painting the sky above. The sky and the trees feel as if they are in two completely different times of day, the contrast between the two is so great. The trees seem already submerged into the dark of night while the sky is still clinging to day. Being unable to really see the bright burst of the sun except where it peeks through the trees gives a very mysterious yet hopeful quality to the scene.