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Light Observation #4

1) 2/18/13 at 10:30pm in the costume shop

2) the solitary light coming from a single sewing machine

3) This light made me feel rather nervous.  It was a pale yellow light that was extremely bright compared to the darkness in the shop.  What made me nervous was not just the implication that if I hadn’t made sure that all the machines were off that Cheryl might have been angry, but the way the light seemed to throw sharp shadows against everything in the room and with these sharp shadows came almost black areas in the shop and in the windows that could hide anything.  I knew that there was no one else in the costume shop because I had been there alone working, but the way the sharp yellow light seemed to catch every wrinkle or corner and threw the rest into shadow made me hurry to turn on the lights again and make sure no one was there.  I usually just walk over to the machine and turn it off, but tonight I didn’t feel safe until I had the lights back on.  Even then, because of the light from the machine, I could not see outside the window so I avoided looking outside until I was safely by the door again.  This light was surprisingly terrifying because I didn’t realize a light so small could fill an entire room and cause so many grotesque shadows to infiltrate the normally boring room.


Photo Observation: Happy


2) Photo taken by Brad Weesner

3) Theme: Happy

4) The light seems to dance across the water gaily.  The bright, almost white, yellow light seems to lighten up the mood as it sparkles and playfully lights up the water.  When light dances across water I am always reminded of summer and swimming in the warm water, wishing for summer never to end.  This light is not cool or even calm, it is energizing and seems to make the atmosphere more upbeat because of the way it lights up the water.  The constant shifting water also changes the light which gives it a dancing quality that is never stagnant.  The light looks like small stars looking up at the viewer and seems to capture the happiness from the moment of warmth and freedom that comes with summer.