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Lighting Observation #5

1) 12:25pm, February 28, 2013, Outside of my friend’s house

2) Sunlight shining down on lamps next to driveway

3) I walked outside of my friend’s front door and the first thing I noticed was the lamp to the left of the driveway shining so brightly I was squinting. I do not remember in a long time the sun being that bright. The bright yellow sun was shining and it provided a little bit of warmth outside considering it was a windy and cold day. Seeing the sun as bright as it was, sent a message to me that it was a start to a new day and a chance to accomplish positive objectives.

Photo Oberservation #5

1) honolulu nightlife

2) Photo found at………

3) Theme: Night Life

4) This picture fits the theme of nightlife perfectly because you can see all of the different sizes of the buildings that are lit up around this beach. The lights on the building are reflecting on the ocean. You can see the edge of the sand and all of the small details on the beach such as the palm trees. You can see in the background the shadows of a mountain in the background of this photo. Seeing the lights up on this beach reminds me of people dancing and partying in the resorts. The ocean has a greenish/dark blue color that is from the reflection of the lights. It also looks foggy in the areas of the ocean that are lit up.

Photo Observation #5

  1. fireflies-at-night
  2. Photo found at
  3. Theme: Nightlife
  4. Most people think of clubs: neon lights and strobe, with alcohol and hip hop,  when they hear the term “nightlife”. I think of summer nights outside, just after the suns gone down. When I was a kid, I would lay outside in the back yard and gaze at the fireflies as they weaved their way in and out of the trees and bushes. They would dance across the night sky, orchestrating a beautiful composition of yellow lights. It was a magical surreal moment I looked forward to every night when the sun began to go down. The fireflies are the epitome of pure life. They do not rely on loud music, alcohol, or extravagant light shows to enjoy the night, they simply shine their own light capturing the same excitement and adrenaline one gets while out on the town, except they, unlike the latter, are genuine. This picture captures their beauty and exuberance, creating my version of what night life is.

Lighting Observation #5

  1. 7:15 PM, February 28, 2013 Westbury Mall Parking Garage
  2. Rectangular fluorescent lights shine over every three parking spots.
  3. As I sit in the car alone, I look at the deserted parking lot. Each parking space is empty, dimly lit by sickly pale green light. Looking at each barren parking space, I’m reminded of my loneliness. My solitude is as stark and cold as the light that slowly crawls across the cement floors of the garage. The emptiness of the garage matches the emptiness of my heart. The space is absent of all purpose, all presence. The light simply fills the void of darkness, but nothing more. visualization of my loneliness and quest for meaning.

Light Observation #5

1) 2/28/13, 9:08PM, Adams Playhouse

2) A light from the first electric is on, lighting the stage for the sake of rehearsal. Looking at it, it looks as though small, thin rays are emitting from its center. As I begin to squint, the rays get larger and longer and also bend to create rays that look curved. I look away only to realize I have those splotches that now take up a small portion of my gaze, which I believe are afterimages of the light.

3) The light is emitting a distinct majesty from it. It is bright and powerful, yet small in scale. It’s insulted by my staring at it. As I attempt to close my eyes to it, to retreat from its power, it only extends further, not finished with me yet. Its power and majesty increase, bending its way through more of my field of vision, until my eyes are finally relieved of its shining force. Its power, however, cannot be escape. It scars my eyes momentarily. Whether opened or closed, my eyes still see its image, reminding me of its power over my vision should I insult it again by looking at it directly.

Photo Observation #5

1) Nightlife in Reims

2) Uploaded to by Steven Lundahl, found at

3) Theme: Nightlife

4) This is a photo of an alley at night in Reims. The night can be full of liveliness, revelry, and cheer, but there is also a dangerous, mysterious side to nightlife. This alleyway represents the hidden sections of towns and cities where the underworld lurks, where the things that make night dangerous dwell. In this photo, there is a street lamp that keeps the closest part of the alleyway bright, but as one moves deeper into the alley, one finds themselves surrounded by more and more darkness and more and more danger. This lack of light is what makes us cautious and is what gives the people who hide in the darkness their edge.

Photo Observation: Night Life


2) Taken from (photographer name unknown)

3) Theme: Night Life

4) When I think of Nightlife I always think of New York and how it is called the city that never sleeps so there is always something going on at night.  This picture is taken from NJ and shows just how bright NYC is at night.  It shines like a beacon calling everyone to come and enjoy the excitement and energy that NYC has to offer.  The brightness and sheer size of this city that never sleeps is energizing and allows any type of night person to do something; whether it be partying, going to a show/movie, or simply putting down the shades and sleeping with the noise in the background.  The yellow and bright glow of the city lights up the sky and even people across state-lines and even in the sky see this city and its liveliness at all times during the day.

Light Observation #5

1) 2/26/13 at 11:54pm walking home from Hofstra University

2) The Moon

3) I was walking home and happened to look up at the moon because it was quite bright out and I love looking at the moon.  However, tonight I did not become excited when looking at the moon, I became sad.  The moon looked so lonely situated up with all the clouds.  The pale light from the moon reflected off of the clouds around it and made the clouds look bleak and isolating.  The moon also had an aura around it made of light that made the moon look like a nucleus at the center of the atom because of the pale circle around the moon.  This moon did not have the radiant glow that I was used to but it had a sad grey tone to it that made it seem so lonely, and yet pretty in an untouchable way.  It made me long to capture the moment because I have never seen something so cold, lonely, and yet pretty at the same time.  Unfortuantely I did not have a camera on me that could capture the loneliness of the moon.

Light Observation #5 – I’m pretty sure my professor is an alien.

1) 2/22/13, 10:31am, Sound Class, Lowe 201

2) Nic was struggling to play his whale sounds, and Rych was attempting to provide entertainment during the awkward moment. Nic switched the projector from his computer to the blue screen that comes when there is no signal, and the light bounced off the projector screen. Rych began to glow.

3) The projector beamed blue light at the screen. At first, this seemed normal. Then, Rych, who was sitting near the wall a couple feet from the screen, began to glow a strange blue hue. Perhaps I just had not gotten enough sleep, but it seemed as though Rych was being beamed down from a space ship. The wall behind him glowed a brighter blue, and he honestly looked a little sickly. It was strange to me that the light wasn’t being projected at him, but at the screen, and yet was glowing. I have deduced that the blue projector was simply a coverup because my professor is an alien.