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Light Observation #5

1. 2/27/13 3pm In the car on hempstead turnpike

2. The clouds were beginning to disappear as it had been raining, the sun began to shine through a few of the clouds and reflect off of the wet pavement.

3. As we were driving down the Hempstead Turnpike towards Hicksville, we stopped at a red light. Looking up I noticed that the rain had stopped and the clouds that were hovering above us before were now gone. I keep looking and noticing that the sun was coming through the clouds, as if the sun was trying to physically push the clouds away. The bright white-yellow light shined through the two clouds and beams of sunlight hit the wet pavement creating a reflection. This would only occur for a little bit longer as the light turned green and the light that was once shining in front of us was now behind, following along.

Photo Observation #5




3. Theme: Nightlife

4. What first drew me to this photo was the reflection of the un-natural  Florissant and led lights on the water, looking at different pictures and looking at water in general its usually the natural lighting of the sun that reflects on the water, but here the blues, oranges and greens reflect in the water along with the buildings. For me this describes night life because at night I think of lots of un-natural lighting coming from homes or buildings, theres usually crazy colored lights and thats ehat this picture has. The sky is a purpley color as well due to the lights all over the city.

Journal Entry 5

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/28/13, 10:00 PM, Alliance Hall Stairwell

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I am in the stairwell looking through the hatched glass window of the door to the floor below mine, and I can see the florescent light in that hall is flickering.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This light is terrifying. The oatmeal colored walls and industrial doors and loud echo of the dorm stairwell always feel a bit like a prison or mental institution anyways, but the addition of the steadily flickering light makes it even worse. I rush up to the next floor quickly, for fear that an escaped mental patient is about to run out of the door at any second.


Photo Observation 5

1) Lightning Bugs


3) THEME: Nightlife

4) DESCRIPTION: For me, there are a lot of concepts that come to mind at the phrase ‘nightlife’. I feel like this one picture manages to capture and mimic all of them. It brings up memories of what nightlife meant when I was young; chasing lightning bugs on the front stoop on a warm summer evening. But these particular lightning bugs also seem reminiscent of a city skyline late at night. They also look quite similar to the intense and wild lights you find in a club, which is another thing I associate with ‘nightlife’.

Photo Observation: Night Life


2) John Huldrick Wilhelm

3) Night Life

4) What comes to life at night more than something that is only truly visible at night? Fireworks are literally explosions of light, sound, and color. What’s more lively than something that lights up and redefines a landscape. Fireworks are fun. There is something in them for everyone to appreciate. Little kids love the colors and are amazed at their existence. Teens hear the boom and are intrigued by the delay between light and sound. Adults remember all the great times they spent watching fireworks as kids. Nostalgia and amazement are what really make fireworks into a great nightime spectacle.

Photo Observation Week #5: Night Life


2) This photo was taken by flickr user Cilest on November 27th, 2004.


3) Theme: Night Life


4) At first, it seemed that a picture of night life should represent the partying that happens at night- bright lights, colors, and lots of motion. To me, this is a more everyday night life. The city is always alive at night, but not every day is the day you go out to party with friends. The lights in this picture show the feeling of being alive and awake late at night, on a typical day. The way the light disperses off the sign on the building makes the light feel more subdued. It is sleepy and not overly energetic, but it is still alive and shining. This feeling continues into the way the lights are reflected in the rainy street. Night life, every day night life, is tired, but still bright, and there is something so comforting but exciting about that.


Light Obervation 5

1) 2/26/13 1:30 A.M. Laying in my bed.

2) Laying in my bed I looked out my window and the moon. The blinds were closed, so I could only see from a certain angle. The moon had a soft white light that I could see but did not reflect into any other part of my room.

3) Seeing the moon at night is almost like seeing a friend after a long time apart. You spend time away from each other but in the back of your mind you are aware of each others existence. You might remember every once in a while and smile while thinking about old times. But when nighttime comes in to your life and a feeling of solitude creeps up, you realize that your friend is still there. He may have changed since last time, but he is still there. Even when you can’t see the moon, it is always present and it will turn up when you need it to during the dark, as a warm, inviting friend to remind you that you’re not alone.

Lighting Moment 5

3:00 AM 2/27/13

In my bedroom in Vanderpoel

I came back into my room after grabbing food at Dutch Treats. Out of a force of habit I tured off my lights when I left so my room was very dark except for a small red LED light from my ps3 controller.

The light source was a verry small red LED light however due to no other lights being on in my room it  made a good section of my wall red witch gave it a very creepy and scary feel since it was late at night and i was alone. part of my wall appeared blood red and everything was silent escept for the fans of my ps3 witch actually made it all the more creepy to me.

Photo observation 5

led bot×644.jpg

theme: night life

I found this to instantly remind me of night life in a city. It combines darkness with party like led lights and glass bottles all into one. the various color lights are like the neon lights that come on at night in big citys and the glasses  remind me of the partys that happen at night.