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Photo Observation Week #6: Powerful


2) This picture was taken by flickr user cara75 on May 26, 2006 at the Paramount Theater.

3) Theme: Powerful

4) In a previous light observation post, I talked about the ghost light in the Adams Playhouse, and how strikingly powerful this seemingly small light source could be. The ghost light in this picture completely overwhelms the space. The way the light is dispersed around the bulb gives you an impression that it’s too powerful to even look at, having no real defined shape, and blurred edges. What creates the most powerful look is the way the light casts shadows onto the curtain; the long, dark shadows contrast with the bright red, further expanding on the sense that this small lamp is conquering a huge, solid darkness.

Light Observation #6

1) 2/28/13, 2:57pm, Art History Class- Breslin

2) The recessed lighting in the ceiling is shining through the wrapper I removed from my hummus. The text from the wrapper is shadowed onto the table backwards.

3) When you see shadows, they usually aren’t crisp. When I picture shadows, I think about shadows of large things like trees and people, whose shadows usually disperse at the edges and are not so defined. This shadow, however, is extremely crisp. The letters are projected backwards on the cool blue-grey desk, creating a parallel universe sensation when contrasted to the bright oranges and reds on the wrapper. There are two light sources, and the solid, pigmented portion of the wrapper casts two disjointed ring shadows, creating even more of the parallel dimension feeling. Even the wrinkles show up crisply on the desk, which combined with the print make the solid grey table look like wrinkled newspaper. It’s strange to think that there is only one of any object, yet it is portrayed in so many ways due to shadows and reflections.