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Photo Observation: Powerful


2) Larry Lightner

3) Powerful

4) The feeling of being high on a mountain top is pure excitement and awe. I had the chance to climb Mt. Vesuvius in Naples a few years back. We drove up half the mountain to a stopping point. My uncle, his new wife, my dad, my sister, and I got out and started to walk up the winding gravel trail. It was steep and at times it was hard, but being with my family made the entire experience so great and fun. However, nothing could compare to the feeling of finally making it to the top. I walked closer to the edge and looked out over the sea and the horizon, across all of Naples. The sun was high in the sky and being so far up, being able to see so much of the world, it was an overpowering sensation. It was like I had conquered the world.

Light Observation 6

1) 3/7/13, 4:00 PM, Babysitting

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I have turned off all the overhead lights in the room and only have a large flashlight on.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I am going on adventures with the little boy I babysit. He is carrying the large flashlight as we explore the caves underneath the coffee table, the depths of the couch cushions, and the gap between the floor and the kitchen counter. Though the room is dark, the soft glow of the flashlight is oddly comforting as we explore the living room.

Photo Observation 6

1) Lightning


3) THEME: Powerful

4) DESCRIPTION: Regardless of whatever else may be going on in the landscape, if lightning is present it will always be the most striking and powerful force. Doesn’t matter if great cities, landmarks, etc. are in the background, your eye will always be drawn to the lightning first, and everything else becomes secondary.

Photo observation 6



I feel these lights demonstrate power perfectly. These lights represent the world trade center and rising after the fall. You can not see where the lights end and that only further proves how powerful these lights are.

Photo Observation #6

1) Tesla Coil


3) Powerful

4) This is a picture of a pair of Tesla coils. These, to me, seem like the an extremely powerful form of light, as it is pure electricity. I actual find it more powerful than natural lightning itself. Yes, lightning flashes brightly, quickly, and unpredictably, but Tesla coils let us generate it. We essentially create lightning, and can manipulate it as we desire, thereby making me find this kind of lighting even more powerful than natural lightning.

Light Observation #6

1) 3/7/2013, 9:21PM, John Cranford Adams Playhouse

2) The lamps in the house of the Adams Playhouse create light around it on all sides. There are four sections created by thin lines of darkness, an absence of light, breaking up the light created by the lamp. These make it clear where on section of light ends and where another begins. Some of the sections have thicker, more defined lines between them, while the smallest section has very thin, dissipated lines around it.

3) There are four communities of light. Three are about the same size and of the same strength. One is tiny, meek. The walls separating these villages, these people, these communities from one another are strong and defined between the three strong communities. Their barriers and borders aren’t touched, lest conflict ensues, giving the other villages an advantage over the warring ones. Yet the weak community, its walls are crumbling. The larger villages are encroaching on its territory from both sides, and they are helpless  to fight back. They are at a stalemate for now but there is little hope.

Lighting Observation #6

1) 12:45pm, March 6, 2013, Outside of Student Center Parking Lot

2) It was a cloudy day, but during this time, I saw the sun come out and you could see the clouds passing by in the sky. The sun was in the middle of the sky where I was standing.

3) The sun unexpectedly came out on this cloudy day. It was a surprise to me because I knew the weather for the day was not going to be good and normally when it snows, the sky is a dark grey and cloudy. Seeing the bright yellow, sun put a new spin to the weather that day and brought a positive few minutes to the weather.

Photo Oberservation Week #6: Powerful



3) Theme: Powerful

4) This picture signifies powerful to me because whenever there is lightning, it strikes and makes a loud noise. This reminds me of a scene in a movie where people are on a boat and there’s a horrible storm going on. The characters are trying to get home or find land so they can save themselves. This is a shot I can see a director using to signify how bad the storm is. The lightning that is striking in this picture looks like it is hitting the ocean. The white light in the middle of the lightning is very powerful and has a huge glare. Where the lightning is striking, you can see the sky in the background. The color is a light blue where the outer area of the sky is a darker blue especially in the middle of the photo.


Photo Observation #6: Powerful

  1. firewx1
  2. Photo from at
  3. Theme: Powerful
  4. The way the fire lights up in the darkness is chilling. the strength of the edge of the yellow makes it look as if the fire is pushing the hill out of the picture. The oranges and reds spread throughout the tree’s being cast against the shadows of the billowing smoke. Fire has always been a symbol of power to me. The idea that fire extended the day with it’s light is a perfect example of the power it has. The way the light is growing from it’s source and quickly moving across the mountainside is a perfect demonstration of it’s strength and power. It is making itself known and is showing that it truly is a force to be reckoned with. The way the light fills the darkness is the visual representation of it’s capabilities, extending night to day.


Lighting Observation #6

1. 12:00AM, March 7th, 2013 Crossing Oak Street

2. The stop light at the crosswalk is blinking red. A mixture of snow and rain is slowly falling down into puddles on the paved road.

3. Red. Red is the color of power. It is authoritative. It is present. It means STOP. As I cross the street to my dorm room, the stop light hangs in the sky, looking down like “Big Brother.” The red light is a beacon. It shines across the street and turns all of the condensed rain drops and puddles from a fluorescent amber to a blood red for just a second or two. The way the light casts itself on the rain makes it look as if there is an army of little people all looking up at the street light. They are ready for battle and know where their allegiance lies.  This light screams passion to me. It is powerful and strong. It makes its presence.