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Photo Observation #6




3. Powerful

4. When looking at this photo I think of powerful. The fact the these stars are millions and billions of light years away yet they give off so much light enough to light up the entire sky is incredible. This particular photo shows the milky way. I think it just shows how powerful natures light can be, that with out any other light just the light from these stars it illuminates the entire sky and surroundings on earth.

Light Observation #6

1. 5pm 3/6/12 Playhouse stage

2. Going up on the genie to steam the drapes for 55 the lighting fixtures become closer and closer to my head, almost touching. The different colors of the light beams mix with the haze of the steam from the steamer.

3. As I take the genie up higher and higher on the stage I begin to go towards the lighting fixtures. Looking up to make sure that I don’t bump my head They become more potent and blinding to my eyes. Then i begin to steam the drapes but as I do the lighting from behind the drape I’m on and the lighting above my head mixes to create a beautiful haze like effect allowing so that for the time being my eyes do not get blinded. As I move more down the effect starts to diminish and the bright beams of strong light are back.

Light Observation 6

1) 3/6/13 1:00 A.M. Sitting in my building’s common room

2) Very dark outside. The orange-ish light from the lamp posts in the Netherlands courtyard coming through the windows cast weird shadows from the brick wall and trees outside. Faint light from the halls.  There was no sound which added to the moment.

3) Stopping to “smell the roses” shouldn’t have to be on a lush, sunny, spring day. Peace and tranquility can be found in the dark of night. Although, this calming serenity can also have a sinister side. The quiet and the shadows creep all around. You won’t even see it coming. Claustrophobic. Suffocating.