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Photo Observation #7

1) Desert



3) Hot

4) Well this photograph is of a desert, which is obviously something that is very hot. What sticks out to me in this picture, however, is the rising/setting sun. It means the desert is in its first or last moments of heat in the day. Some sand is absorbing heat, which contrasts with the sand cooled by shadow. It’s hot as long as the sun is out and the sun is still present in this picture.



Light Observation #7

1) 6:18PM, 3/14/2013, Adams Playhouse Quad on the way to Antony & Cleopatra

2) The sun was setting. It was just barely visible over Memorial Hall. Similarly to how the stage light in Adams Playhouse left me with an afterimage before, so did this small section of visible sun.

3) The power of the sun cannot be equaled. Even such a small sliver of yellow sun creates a force to reckoned with. Slowly slipping behind the building, it leaves those gazing on it with one last image of itself to last with them for a few more seconds. It gives us this to remember it in its absence, giving us a reminder that it is not gone forever but will be back again soon.

Photo Observation: Hot #7


2. Photo from

3. Theme: Hot

4. Looking at this photo, my mouth begins to dry and I become parched. When I thought of the theme “hot”, I immediately thought desert sun. There is something about the sun shines through the clouds  and spreads it’s beams wide. The variety of reds, oranges, and yellows, fill the sky creating an image of fire in the sky. Sunlight always warms you and is correlated with “hot”. Even on the coldest day, everything seems that much better when you are in the sun instead of shadows. It’s heat is a strong memory in the brain and therefore, the light itself triggers that feeling of hot power beating up against your skin. This picture is a perfect visual for that feeling. When you look at it, you get a little tingle against your skin because your mind wants to experience the sensation of heat it gets when it see’s the same image in the sky.

Lighting Observation #7

1. 3:30 AM, March 9th, 2013 Calkins Quad

2. The moonlight, helped by a single white spotlight, stretches out across the quad.

3. My friend and I decided to go for a walk late at night because we felt like being spontaneous. We wanted to go on an adventure. A journey. We found ourselves walking along south side campus, nothing out of the ordinary until we reached Calkins Quad. Finally, the moment we had been waiting for was right in front of us. Discovery. Although we both knew the effect was caused by a light frost and the moonlight, the quad looked as though a billion stars had fallen from the sky and landed on the ground. It was enchanting. We slowly walked step by step to the center of the abyss of stars. Looking around we saw millions of little prisms of light flickering like glitter. It was magical, as if we had walked into a fairy forest. Standing in the quad, in the early hours of the morning, we were filled with the joy and excitement one gets while on a journey. Although, we were no Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins, looking at the sight of our surroundings, you would have thought we were in an enchanted forest.

Photo Observation: Hot

Tango Fire dualing tangueros

2) taken from

3) theme: hot

4) I just went through tech and dress rehearsals for Antony and Cleopatra and was influenced by the emotions running hot instead of an actual physical heat. I was thinking of what activities reflected hot emotions and thought of dance. This picture stood out to me specifically because it is a very romantically hot pose, but the warm light and red accents in the light add to the emotion. This picture would look more high tension and maybe more of a control picture if the color had been cooler. The warm color emphasizes the heat of the pose and tango which causes the viewer to see heat represented through the dance.

Lighting Observation #7

1) 3/13/13 at 10:25pm, watching dress rehearsal for Antony and Cleopatra

2) the warm lighting hitting Max Baudisch and Cassie DeMarco when Max has lost the war and attacks Cassie

3) this lighting emphasized the tension in that particular scene and alarmed me and made me worried for Cassie or Cleopatra’s safety. This light was representing Egypt and before in the play, the light simply showed the passion and heat of Egypt opposed to the cool Rome. However, I was surprised at how angry the light looked and how it emphasized Max’s anger when he attacked Cassie for betraying him. I was thrilled to feel this and after I felt the emotion, I thought that the light was perfect because it was able to be used in both love and high anger without much contrast being added.  I had forgotten until that moment that this warm light can emphasize any high emotional moment, not just romance.

Lighting Observation #7

1) 11:15am, March 9, 2013, Driving past Broadway Mall in Hicksville

2) As I was driving to the train station, I noticed a huge glare of light from the sun on top of the railroad tracks. The light was shining brightly which made part of the train station brighter and more noticeable.

3) When I was driving to the train station, the closer I got, the more noticeable the light was. When I saw the glare from the sun, I felt a feeling of confidence because I was heading to work. I did not feel tired and felt more aware and upbeat after seeing this light. I also noticed how the light shined on top of some cars and you could almost see for a split second, the ray of light shining from the sun to the cars.

Photo Observation #7



3) Theme: Hot

4) This picture signifies hot to me because just looking at the photo makes you think of a desert or a warm locations where the sun is shining. The sun is bright yellow and the sky is an orange color. Also, there is a huge glare that makes you blink if you look in the middle of the sun. This picture signifies hot because the sun raises the temperature outside during the day. It looks like this is a picture of a desert sky and the sun is finally starting to set after a long, hot day. Also, the different colors of the sky, reminds me of the color of fire, an amber like tone. All of these things, sun, fire, heat have to do with this week’s theme.