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Photo Observation 7

1.Hot Sun


3.  Theme: Hot

4.  There are a lot of different locations and scenarios that can represent “hot” but in the end they all come down to the sun, our source of heat and life on this planet. In this picture I particularly liked the slightly wavy quality it has, which reminded me  of extremely hot summer days back home, when it gets so hot you can start to see the waves of heat coming off the road.

Light Observation 7

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 3/13/13 11:00 AM, Outside the Library

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun is high in the sky and shining brightly.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: It is finally bright enough for sunglasses! I always see the need for sunglasses as one of the very first signs of spring, which could not come quick enough this year after a long, dreary winter. It may still be pretty cold, but the bright, inviting sun is sign enough for now that spring is on its way.


Lighting observation #6

1. My room Monday March 11th, 8am

2. Walking into my room the sunlight is coming through the blinds and filling the room with light.

3. As I enter my room sleepily, the imitate bright light hits my eyes. The light was able to reach through the cracks in the blinds and illuminate my entire room. The light gave enough brightness and warmth that there was no need to turn on a light, it made everything visible. The bright light made everything feel warm and opening the blinds it appeared to be that way.

Photo Observation #6




3.  Theme: Hot

4.  When I think of hot I immediately think of sun, and summer. But even hotter to me would probably be the sun or summer in Africa. In thins picture the sun is setting over the vast terrain, and illuminating the sky with a glowing orange light which to me makes the picture feel even hotter versus a blue sky. I also like how the zebras are in the picture it makes me think that they’re probably out getting the last of the sun before it disappears for the evening and the cold begins to come.

Light Observation #7

1) Studio, 3/15/13, 2:16am

2) Only half the studio lights are on, the side with the windows is dark and the side without has florescent lighting.

3) With the amount of light split directly down the middle, there is a discombobulating sense of inequality in the room. The side with the light is a stark white walk, creating a strange, bright, artificial glow from the left side of the room. The side that is not lit is dark, but not foreboding. The warm orange streetlight glows from outside, and creates long shadows on the desks. Although brightness is normally preferred and seems happier, there is something about the darker side of the room that is comforting, relaxed and warm.

Photo Observation Week #7: Hot




3) Theme: Hot

4) When I think of the word “hot”, I think about parking lots in the summer. Anyone who has tried to run barefoot across the pavement in late July sunshine in Connecticut knows that it is not a pleasant experience. This picture expresses the hot, muggy feeling of those summer afternoons. The orange light makes it so that although the sun is bright, the sky is not, the looming haze of humidity overshadowing everything on earth. Even the sun looks distorted in this haze. The seeming ripples at the bottom of it’s orb make it look as though its melting in this hot and sweaty world.

Light Observation 7

1) 3/13/13 9:30 P.M. Outside the playhouse

2) The slim crescent of the moon in a black sky without stars. The real light of the moon in contrast to the artificial light of the lamps and buildings

3) Surrounded by light, sometimes we are blind to the reality. What we now view as commonplace is only a production of our needs. The pure heart of the moment is that there may not be light. We take for granted the gifts light has given us. At the same time we have learned to be unaffected by where the orignal light came from. Seeing the pure white light of the moon, however small. meek, or hidden, is a reminder of our roots. It shows how far we’ve come.