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Photo Observation: Dealer’s Choice


2) taken by Scott Cook in Kansas City, Missouri

3) theme: Dealer’s Choice

4) I was thinking about natural disasters today, I have no idea why, and was thinking about how anxious they make me feel and decided that was a good choice for my picture observation.  I chose the green sky right before a tornado hits.  This green light is a mystery to me, I don’t know why the sky turns green, maybe it is due to the clouds and how they react with the sun reflections, but I do know that as soon as I see those green clouds, I know a tornado is going to hit.  I have been through two tornado’s growing up, so the green sky is a warning that makes me anxious because I don’t know where the tornado is or when it will touch down.  The green fills me with unease because of how choppy it is and how it isn’t a smooth color, there are blacks and greys in the sky that makes it so different from the green in the Northern Lights.

Lighting Observation #8

1) 3/18/13 at 4:10pm, looking out my window

2) the sun lighting up the street

3) This light makes me feel tired and depressed.  I love seeing the sky and the sun because it makes me happy and energetic to do things, even if it is just to relax in the sun.  However, when I looked out my window after returning back from classes, I saw no sun and a grey toned world that seemed devoid of life or energy.  This immediately made me want to take a nap and sleep until late spring, when I know the sun will be out.  The yellow rays of the sun are greyed out due to the clouds and the smog from the city, causing the most boring grey to light up my street.  I feel completely drained of energy and I know it is because of looking outside and seeing this grey blue light that does not give off any energy or life.