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Photo Observation #8



3) Theme: Dealer’s Choice: Scary

4) When I saw this picture, I immediately thought of my dealer’s choice theme….scary. This picture when I first looked at it, gave me the creeps. The light displays many features in this picture. You can see the different lines of shadow, the big tree and the bench. It reminds me of a rainy night on a field where there is no one around. This location would be perfect if you were using it to film a scary movie. I really like this picture because it immediately expressed to me the feeling of being scared and panicked. I also like the rays of light showing in the air from the huge glaring light in the background.

Photo Observation #8: Dealer’s Choice

  1. PICTURE-045-CURVES-CE-800x600
  2. Theme: Dealer’s Choice
  3. I’ve found myself walking late at night lately. Strangely, I have discovered comfort in loneliness which feels funny to say, but is completely legitimate. This photo really captures that emotion for me. The benches are barren, the cobbled street deserted except for this bright light that casts itself against the shadows of the stone. The light provides comfort to the emptiness of the street, but does not replace that which is not there. The loneliness is still present, yet, the light creates a warmth that one gets when they are told by a close friend, “Everything is going to be ok.” This picture has a melancholy beauty because of the light and how it fills the darkness without overpowering it, nor taking over. It is a perfect mixture between light and dark that works together, in opposition of how light and dark is usually depicted as fighting each other.  In this case, they coexist. The light gently lays it’s rays across the bricks and stone, and the darkness accepts it, allowing the light to  melt into it’s creases and edges, until it slowly dissolves. What is most intriguing is how a peaceful emotion can be created in such dark light. I am interested in how to create this same light and effect on the stage, because I think it is an extremely powerful image.

Photo Observation #8




3. Theme: Dealer’s Choice

4. Trying to come up with a photo was difficult for this because not being restricted to a subject is difficult. I decided to look at pictures of water, water always intrigues me because it is such a simple substance but in different forms and in different parts of nature it can be very unique. This photo is of ink in water, I liked this because looking at it at first you wouldn’t think theres any water, but it is really interesting the way that the water and ink interact with each other. Also the way that the colors of the ink interact with each other in the water is really beautiful.

Light Observation #8

1. 9:15 am 3/19/13 Stuvyesant Elevator

2. Five out of the six lightbulbs are unscrewed in the elevator.

3. As I step into the elevator I notice all but one of the lightbulbs are unscrewed. Irritated at first I notice the erie claustrophobic feeling that overcomes me as I ride up to my floor. The single light providing only enough light to see where I’m going. It is also by itself bright and extremely white like the lights on a new car’s headlights. Upon exiting the relief of the florissant lights are blinding to the eyes.

Light Observation #8

1) 3/19/13, 4:30pm, Girls’ Bathroom on the second floor of Lowe.

2) The sun in the West was shining through the frosted glass window in the bathroom.

3) The sun shining through the frosted glass made the world feel bright and sunny, like summer, and I was immediately happy. Well, briefly happy. I quickly remembered that this was a dirty lie, as I had just run through the cold, biting air to take refuge in the studio. It seemed a strange phenomenon that this frosted glass could disperse the colder, starker, should-not-be-wintery-but-is sunlight and make it seem so warm, inviting, and beautiful. I stood in the path of the light for a minute, until I realized how ridiculous I looked, and came to the conclusion that the studio should just be made up of entirely frosted glass windows.

Photo Observation Week #8: Dealer’s Choice

Dealers Choice

2) Photo by flickr user Ballygrant Boy on March 7th 2013 at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CA.

3) Theme: Dealer’s Choice: Old

4) While looking for a photo for this theme, I was browsing the explore section of flickr. The lighting in this photo struck me immediately. It felt like a vintage photograph, but was clearly taken by a modern camera. It was the lighting that made this effect. The brighter, more concentrated light in the middle is circular, and does not extend to the corners of the picture, leaving a grey, burnt feeling border. This immediately created the sense of age, as though the edges of the light were to tired to make it to the edges of the world, or the edges were withering with age. I also loved the layers of light and shadow that stretch horizontally across the painting. None of the light is bright or shocking, but it’s calm and full of layers and history.


Photo Observation #8

1) blackjack


3) Dealer’s Choice

4) Well I took the Dealer’s Choice theme a little too literally. This is a picture of a Blackjack table (in case you couldn’t figure it out). What I find intriguing about this picture is how the light is focused solely on the table. Aside from the hands that creep into the light, the only thing lit are the cards because those are the only things that matter, a basic lighting principle, I’m sure. It also adds this feeling of powerful manipulation. Not being able to see the figures placing bets and controlling vast amounts of money, except for when their hand occasionally  slips in to do something, gives it a mysterious quality of outside forces acting upon the situation that one is entirely unaware to.