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Photo observation 8

1. Christmas Tree

2. Photo Taken by Kelley Malloy

3. Theme: Dealer’s Choice

4. Christmas lights will always be my favorite source of lighting. Their comforting glow is such a happy reminder of childhood that I cannot resist them. They are bright and cheery during the cold of winter, and in my personal opinion they are the only good thing about winter at all.

Light Observation #8

1) 3/19/2013, 8:19Am, Republic Hall Room 208

2) Against my window blinds, shadows are cast by the trees and lamppost outside my room. Those are joined by the silhouette of the middle bar of  the window.

3) On my window blinds, a landscape is painted. Simply by looking at the form of the shade, a whole idea of the world beyond is formed. The shadows plant thoughts in one’s head. Each shade could be one thing, or something else entirely. The world past that window is a mystery, but the shadows tease and tantalize us, making us guess as to what could be casting them.

Photo Observation Dealers choice

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I chose this photo because I felt it really gave the feel of destruction. The only light you can see is natural light which gives it an abandoned feel.Also the only thing the natural light shows is debris which really gives it an ominous and destroyed look.

Photo Observation: Dealer’s Choice



3) Dealer’s Choice

4) This photo is full of emotion. Confusion, fun, awe, enchantment, wonder, life, excitement and energy are all represented through the shapes and colors. It amazes me how much is packed into this one picture. We always talk about how lighting serves to tell a story. This photo has such a sense of ambiguity in its content that there are so many different stories that can be told. It’s up to the interpretation of the audience.

Lighting Observation #8

1) 3/16/13, 10:30am, Queensborough Community College

2) The sun shining on the upper left hand side of the sky through a quarter of the  right hand side of the window in the classroom.

3) I was up at 5:30am that morning and driving to work was dismal and quiet. Throughout the early part of the morning, the sky expressed a sign of quietness and darkness. Then, at 10:30am, the sun came out and it changed the whole mood of the day. I felt more awake and had more energy than I did earlier that morning. Considering it was supposed to snow that day, seeing the sun was a surprise to me.