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Photo Observation Week #9: Romantic



2) This photo was taken by flickr user miki** on April 4, 2010.

3) Theme: Romantic

4) It’s hard to think about the theme of romance and think about lighting instead of the subject material. There are so many ways to symbolize romance in our society, from hearts, to people kissing, even to the color red. Romance is exaggerated and yet in some ways trivialized. Romance is this big, passionate, fighting battle, it’s red and it’s loud and it’s shaped like a big heart. I think that romance in reality has this passion and fighting, but a lot of what romance is is truth and comfortability and allowing someone to be close to you. I think the lighting in this picture is exactly that. It does not distort the subject material. It shows the darkness and lightness of what is most important.

Light Observation #9

1) 3/29/13, my bedroom at home, 12:42pm

2) The sun was shining in through the window onto a shiny jar, and the mirror was picking up the bright reflection of the sun on the jar and shining it in my face.

3) Sitting in my bed, something irritating kept catching my eye. Looking up, a small, blinding ray of light hit me in the eye. It was not pleasant. I thought it was strange, because my blinds were half closed, that this amount of light had managed to find it’s way in to irritate me. The thing about light is that just closing part of your blinds won’t stop it, that pesky little bugger will find something to reflect off of and blind you that way instead.