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Photo Observation: Romantic


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3) theme: Romantic

4) I was thinking about how romance is very intimate and this image is that for me.  The lighting is from very soft overhead lights and from the candles on the table.  This allows for visual aid, but darkens the rest of the room and brings the focus to the other individual(s) around you.  That makes it more intimate and can stimulate the romantic feeling to rise.  I love how just by darkening the surroundings and bringing the focus to someone across from you, the level of intimacy goes up, especially when the light is very soft.  I think that this is a delicate way to make a scene more romantic without going into color choices that scream romance.  It is subtle but has the desired effect.

Lighting Observation #9

1) 4/1/13 at 6:30am, sitting in a kitchen making breakfast

2) The light from the sun outside hitting a cat

3) This light awed me.  I had just woken up to the sun streaming into my face and had decided to make breakfast for my friend and her boyfriend, whom I was staying with over break.  I had picked up her fluffy orange cat and put him on the table so he could look outside and watch me cook, like he enjoys doing when the sun hit his fur.  It made him glow and turned him from an orange cat into a gold cat.  This made him look as if he was a god looking down at me because he has wild hair all around his face and it lit up like a golden halo.  This made me wonder at him and I accidentally burnt the eggs I was trying to make because I was so captivated by the sun hitting him from behind and illuminating him.