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Photo Observation 9

1. Rainy Kiss


3. Romantic

4. For me, the “kiss in the rain” is the most quintessential romantic image. No matter how many times it is used, I always find it somehow magical. I love the way the lighting gets hazy in the rain, and the two people start to blur together, and their heads are the only thing you can clearly define.

Light Observation #9

1. Approx. 3pm, Monday April 1st, Jet Blue Airplane flying from Boston to New York.

2. Taking off from the runway, beginning to reach the clouds but the ground and harbor are still visible. The sunlight is becoming brighter and brighter and coming in through the window where in sitting.

3. When the pilot tells the flight attendants to sit I know that means were taking off. As the adrenaline starts pumping I look out my window and notice we are flying parallel to the water, The bright sunlight was reflecting of the water and creating a beautiful twinkling effect. As we ascend into the air and into the clouds the sunlight on the water disappears but is becoming brighter and brighter amongst the clouds. As we are level with the clouds the sunlight begins pouring in through my widow and lighting up our entire row. The warm sunlight brings happiness as it is a sign that spring is here and of course that the flight will be smooth.

Photo Observation #9



3. Romantic

4. When I think of romance or the word romantic I immediately think of weddings. I think that weddings emulate this word so well because of all the elements they use to create it. In this picture in particular it is of an empty reception room. What to me makes it so romantic is that there is no other light but the candles on the table and the lanterns hanging from the ceiling. They all have a similar warm glow that warms up the room and creates a very romantic atmosphere. The main focus of the light is on the dance floor which to me is very romantic because that is where the first dance happens. Overall I find that the way the lanterns bring this warm, glowing light combined with the candles on the tables that create just enough light to carry out a conversation is all very romantic.


Light Observation 9

1) 3/4/13 6:35 Spiegel Theater

2) Most of the spiegel was in darkness, except for a row of lights lighting up a small strip on the stage.

3) I went to the spiegel to set up for Carrie rehearsal and was greated by darkness. I had never been in there when it was dark so it shocked me a bit. It was dark all around me except for a light on the stage. I didn’t know if anyone was in there and I called out. My heart was racing. I dropped my stuff and ran to the back to turn on all the lights. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the rest of the theater in light. I sat down after and thought how much it reminded me of a textbook cheezy-horror-movie situation.

Photo Observation: Romantic

festive dinner table


3) Romantic

4) A romantic feeling is defined differently for every person. The specifics can be immensely contrasting but it all relates. Everyone knows what it’s like to be in love, have a romantic relationship, or just simply butterflies in your stomach. The warm feeling of being close to someone is really captured in this light. I love that you can’t see the flame of the candle, but you can practically feel the soft and warm light glowing off it. It feels like a sunrise: sharing it with someone you care about.

Light Observation #9

1. 11:14 PM April 27th, 2013 – Netherlands Courtyard

2. My friends and I just got back to campus from a lovely but short visit home for Spring Break. I look up at the sky and I see a full moon beaming down at us, filling the sky with a blue haze, accenting the edges of the clouds.

3. It is cold outside. Campus feels like a ghost town. As my friends and I lug our bags all the way through the never-ending courtyard, I feel the eyes of Big Brother watching. His beaming eye see’s past the clouds and through the tree’s. Though nature is obstructing, nothing can hide from his sight, for the cold light blue of his eye pierces through everything, twisting itself through the branches casting shadows against the pavement and frozen grass. We are freezing and it is late. We’ve been traveling for the entire day. All we want is to lie down and rest, but Big Brother is awake and refuses to allow darkness take over the land. He has made it known that only a roof and a window with blinds will provide us with a truly peaceful slumber.

Photo Observation 9: Romantic


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3. Theme: Romantic

4. Whenever I think of romance I think of the holidays, especially Christmas. I absolutely love the bright colors and exciting twinkle the create. The light is so genuine and vibrant it just reminds me of sheer beauty. I love the idea of laying down next to the one you love with a sea of colors surrounding you. Christmas lights create a beautiful rainbow, a pleather of hues in the room and shine like colorful stars in the sky. No matter where they are, the lighten the mood and thats why I correlate them with romance. After all, you know it is true love, when no matter where you are, the special someone walks in and fills your heart. This picture really does that for me. It takes what would normally be a cold hard wood floor and creates a vibrancy and energy like no other. It takes something simple and cold and makes it elaborate and warm without being overpowering or unnecessary. The light is as genuine as true love.