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Lighting Moment

Saturday 9am, Funeral Parlor in Westbury

The lights in the funeral parlor were very dim and some of the flowers were blocking the view of the lights

The lighting at the funeral parlor was most likely unintentional but still reflected the mood very well. it was a very sad time and the dimness of the room just made it sadder. I am sure they intentionally made it dim but the shadows casted by the plants was probably unintentional but added to the mood



Lighting Observation #10

1) 4/10/13, 1:13pm, CVS Pharmacy in East Hills

2) Before I got out of my car, I noticed a bright glare in the front glass door of the store. It was very noticeable and as I walked closer to the door, it slowly faded away. When I saw people opening the door to either enter or leave the store, the light would quickly appear on the door and quickly disappear.

3) Seeing this light on the door, was a welcoming message for anyone who was entering the store. It signified to me that I have finally arrived at where I wanted to go. It was a final destination message giving people who were going to the store a warm welcome.

Lighting Observation #10

1. 4/10/12 approx. 9pm Stuyvesant Hall

2. Looking through the window out on Hempstead Turnpike as lighting struck.

3. As I was sitting in bed watching tv, the crashing sounds of the thunder startled me. As I look outside I notice the very dark sky and the  lighting striking against it creating a contrast. The purply looking lighting lit up the whole sky and surroundings. As the thunder grew heavier the lightning grew brighter. It created a creepy and scary atmosphere and the warmth of the dorm created a safe feeling away from the lighting.

Photo Observation #10



3) Theme: Storm’s Brewing

4) When I saw this picture, I immediately thought it was appropriate for this week’s theme. The really like the way the picture is in black and white because looking at it reminds me, that something bad is going to happen and the picture being in black and white creates a dismal feel to the photo. The way the clouds are formed in a circle and the bright light in the middle tells me that it is windy outside and a storm is coming. There is a feeling of scariness and loneliness in this picture. The empty road signifies that everyone has packed up and left in hopes to escape the storm.

Photo Observation #10




3. Theme: Storm Brewing

4. When I think of a storm brewing I think of a change, a big change. I think of people trying to make a change. The first thing that comes to mind is the segregation movement and Rosa Parks. When someone makes a change they are creating a storm, and they don’t stop until something is done, much like a storm. Rosa Parks wanted to make a statement she created a storm, the segregate movement storm.

Photo Observation


Storm Brewing

When I think of Storm Brewing I think of tension or a build up. Something dramatic. I feel this picture fits that mood very nicely due to the dim lighting up close and the the part of the picture that has light being out of foucus. Also the person in the picture is frozen mid motion adding to the tension of the picture.


Lighting Observation #10

1) 4/11/2013, 6:15PM, Between Constitution Hall and Vander Poel Hall

2) Through the trees there was a stadium light from the direction of the sports fields shining through the trees

3) While I was walking, the light moved. It looked like it was rotating. High up but barely visible, it was a lighthouse in the distance. The light was a beacon. It transformed the rest of the area around me. Once the image was established, that light caused the entire landscape to change before me. Gray clouds took on a darker quality. They became storm clouds out above an ocean. The plants and grass fused together into one ocean of flora, and the wind that blew them were the waves. Once I saw a lighthouse, I saw an ocean, I saw storm clouds, I saw waves.

Photo Observation #10

1) Red Emergency Light


3) Storm’s Brewing

4) When I think of a storm brewing, a big storm, I think of caution and preparation. When the storm is brewing, we know it’s coming. We can prepare. So I thought of one of the universal symbols for emergencies and caution: flashing red/orange lights. When you see a light like this, moving or flashing in some manner a bright red, orange, or yellow, you know something bad is coming, if not already there. They are a universal sign of warning that I feel like can tip off anyone that something is amiss if they are flashing.

Lighting Observation #10

1) 4/11/13 at 7:00pm, exiting the gym

2) the headlights on a car.

3) This light made me feel rather nostalgic.  I was exiting the gym and noticed that the car driving towards us had very yellow headlights that seemed antiquated in some way.  This made me remember the old tractors that used to drive on the back roads of Colorado.  The lights were always a safe feeling to me because it was not exciting or daring, it was a soft, relaxing light that always let me know that I was home. The light from the car instantly threw me back to the moments in my life where I saw these tractors and the feeling of country home that I felt every time I drove at dawn.  It was interesting that this light did that to me because it was not a loud color, but it must have been the color and intensity that sparked my memory.

Photo Observation: Storm’s Brewing

Harper's Island

2) taken from

3) theme: Storm’s Brewing

4) I think a storm can also be a foreshadowing for events that will happen, but never good events.  Because of this, my mind instantly went to the horror genre of film because they have mastered the way to use lights for different emotions.  I thought this harsh, above lighting was very warning of a storm.  It is extremely harsh and that lets people know that it is not a happy or relaxing show.  Also, the amount of shadows that are involved with this harsh lighting relays the idea of danger and suspicion that permeates the atmosphere of a violent, human storm.