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Light Observation 10

1. 4/8/13- 6:45 PM, Outside Emily Lowe

2. The sun just beginning to set on the first warm spring day.

3. The sun is just setting but not in the wild, multi-coloured way that seems so common in winter. In spring and summer it becomes a much calmer, slower process, and is a very soothing way to enter the evening. The light lingers longer, and though dimmer, you never seem to notice when it becomes truly “dark”. To me, this makes the end of the day a much easier, happier experience.

Photo Observation 10

1. Waves


3. Storm’s Brewing

4. I like the uncertainty of this picture. It’s difficult to tell whether things are just about to get bad, or whether they are finally getting better. To me that’s the key element of the “brewing” of a storm, the uncertainty of just how bad it’s going to get. The light could be breaking through from behind the cloud, staving off the uncertain future, or the cloud could be moving in to block more and more of the sun.


Photo Observation: Storm’s Brewing


2) Me, outside the Netherlands, Wednesday night

3) Storm’s Brewing

4) I took this photo outside of the main netherlands door on wednesday night. It was humid all day and I had heard that there was supposed to be dry thunderstorms sometime. I was waiting with an umbrella handy in my bag for such an occassion. As I was walking back to my dorm to hopefully settle in and avoid any part of the storm, I looked up and noticed the sky. Most of it was black or dark blue and grey, except for a few pockets of brighter, purer light. After all this time being aware of an imminent storm I had let it creep up on me, and I may have missed it completely. The clear spring sky was fighting a losing battle to hold its ground against the storm, just so I could walk home without getting soaked. Just a few minutes later and I would have been.

Light Observation 10

1) 4/8/13 11:30 A.M. Outside Emily Lowe

2) The bright sun on the first nice spring day.

3) For the first time since my time being here I saw people on the quad outside Lowe. There were people everywhere. For the first time I didn’t feel like the campus was full of individual students. Instead it was a group of kids together in a single community. We were all celebrating the glorius spring sun after a cold and windy past few weeks. My friends were doing acrobatics, laughing talking, just spending time together, and I loved every second of it, all because of the sun we hadn’t seen in a while.

Photo Observation #10 Storm’s Brewing The Challenge

1. hulkaction3

2. Photo found at

3. Theme: Storm’s Brewing

4.  This photo reminds be of a storm brewing because of the colors and the layers. When I think of storm’s brewing I think of the clouds. I knew I wanted to find a dark blue, but I was also motivated to use green because of Sam Newby’s post about the coming of a tornado and how the sky turns green. The movement of the light in this photo is cyclical and layered which reminds me of the clouds before a coming storm. The picture overall makes me feel anxious, which is how I feel when a storm is coming. I think the lighting in this picture is effective in creating the same effect, only dramatizes as the sky does prior to a storm.


Light Observation #10

1. 12:42 AM April 7th 2013 – Netherlands Courtyard

2. I am outside smoking a cigarette. I look up at the clouds in the sky. they are glowing light blue from an unknown light source.

3. I am filled with a sense of wonder and excitement. I look up and see puffy light blue clouds glowing up the night sky. The moon is nowhere to be found. At first, I figure the clouds are being lit by the moon behind it. But when I look up, and really search, a ray of moonlight is nowhere to be found. Then I look at the clouds. I see light tints of amber and green, some yellow, and blue, even a hint of purple and pink. I realize that the light source is the world. I am living and breathing on a planet with the power to shine past the clouds and into the galaxies. I am filled with a never ending joy of power and excitement. Nothing can stop me for I am on the world and I am living. I too, like the globe, can shine.