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Light Observation: #11

1) 4/14/13 at 5:40am, on a film shoot

2) the sun rising behind the film lights

3) The light was quite annoying.  I had been up for four hours already working on a film shoot and had been waiting for the light to show up to make makeup easier to put on the actors outside.  So when the light finally started to show up, I was annoyed because I had waited for so long that when the light finally showed up, I was already done with my job.  I was wondering if that was possible to do on stage, to make the audience annoyed that a light showed up so late in the game.  I wonder if this is what color starvation feels like, but I don’t know.  I would find it so interesting to be watching a show and be annoyed that a color or light was introduced right at the end when I might have wanted it earlier.

Photo Observation: In the Spotlight

tree spotlight

2) taken from

3) theme: In the Spotlight

4) I think that nature does some of the best spotlights.  I really like this picture because even though the rest of the forest is lit up and visible to the eye, there is a distinctive spotlight on the right side.  The sun penetrates the general fill lighting of the forest with a clear beam of white light that draws attention to it naturally.  The viewer realizes that the light is drawing the attention, but it is not as in your face about the spot as it could have been, especially if the forest had been completely dark except for the  beam of light.  I love that there is the spotlight that emphasizes a spot, but there is still visibility everywhere else.


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