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Photo Observation

Theme in the spotlight
I chose this photo because the sinle light source gave a spotlight like effect and I found that cool for an out doors photo
If i were to light this i would do something like thisimage

Photo Observation 11

1. Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 2.13.32 AM


3) THEME: In the Spotlight

4) DESCRIPTION: I was drawn to how mysterious this feels. Usually one of the main purposes of a spotlight is to highlight the specific details of a person’s face, but in this case it is serving the exact opposite purpose. Yet your attention is still called to the lead singer none the less.

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 7.51.53 AM

Light Observation #11

1) 4/18/13, 10:02am, dorm room

2) The light is shining in from behind the blinds in one window, and shining in straight through the other window.

3) When I woke up, I saw the window covered by the blinds, and was excited for the warm, sunny day. Then, I glanced at the other window, and saw the overcast, grey skies. It seemed strange to me, that such a warm light could come from the sad looking sky. I looked out the window again, and realized that although the sky was grey and it seemed dreary outside, there was a lot of light emitting from it. The light was almost warmer, with the moisture from the clouds. I suppose I should have known this, knowing you can get a sunburn while it’s cloudy out.

Photo Observation Week #11: In The Spotlight


2) Flicker user Remco Douma on September 2nd, 2006.

3) Theme: In The Spotlight

4) The vase is transformed into an extraterrestrial. The spotlight cast shadows down upon it, leaving wavy, hazy lines strewn across the top and the ground beneath it. The lines from below give the vase the illusion of movement or floating. The spotlight is harsh. It cuts off half the vase’s body and makes it seem even more alien. Without the knowledge that it is a vase, my eye is confused with the collection of shapes and textures.

Photo on 4-19-13 at 4.06 AM


Single Light Source

Approx. 15 degrees horizontal, approx. 85 degrees vertical.

No color.

Light Observation 11

1) 4/14/13 4:30 A.M. Parking lot outside the towers

2) A light glow of lamp posts with the fuzzy pseudo darkness of the very early morning

3) Most of what happens in the extreme hours of the night goes un-noticed. There’s a lot ideas of what late night light, or lack thereof, can hold, but most of the time we have no idea. It’s neither harsh nor happy. It’s just kind of there. It’s not morning but too early to be night, just like how there’s light but it’s still dark. It’s a sort of limbo state of being.

Photo Observation: In the Spotlight




3) In the Spotlight

4) The goal of “natural” lighting is to recreate an environment occuring around us. Most of what we think of as light is centered around the sun shining on an object. In this picture, the sun is shining into the depths of the ocean, giving a window into the mysterious deep. With such a huge environment it’s impossible for the sun to illuminate everything, so it becomes much more of a focus light in a specific area. The vastness creates an opportunity to creating and pull focus

Photo Observation #11 In The Spotlight

1. spotlight-on-stage

2. Image located at

3. This spotlight makes me feel empty and bare. They way it lights the deserted stage is sad. All that is seen is a single microphone. The stage is barren and I feel empty. I yearn for something to fill the void, but nothing comes. The light simply just shines on, with nothing to truly focus on except the very tip of the microphone. The mood is somber and melancholy, as the wait for fufillment continues.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 2.23.51 AM

Light Observation 11

1) 4/18/13, 10:30 PM, Lowe 22

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The street light is coming through the small, frosted windows into the basement of Lowe.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: We have just finished rehearsal and turned off the harsh overhead lights. Getting rid of the overbearing fluorescents in favor of the soft orange streetlight coming through the window is a relief. The frosted glass of the window keeps the light hazy and dim, ensuring it doesn’t become too strong. It is a soothing moment after the end of a hectic rehearsal, and is a nice transition into the rest of my night.


Light Observation #11


  1. 10:42 PM, April 18th 2013 – 108 Emily Lowe
  2. A deep red light source coming from the NAB is seen from a window in Lowe 108.
  3. The anxiety of the rehearsal room continued to grow as we pushed on and on, trying to get through a stumble through of Act 1. My eyes continued to dwindle to the upper left hand corner window, where a deep red light in the distant proudly shown its rays across the street, through the window, and into the room. I felt as though I was being surrounded by the anxiety and pressure of the actors in the room. The heat of the light raised the temperature in the room and everyone was on edge.

Photo Observation #11

1) 700-01120521


3) Theme: In The Spotlight

4) This picture I felt fit this theme great because the guy is in the spotlight. The spotlight shows the man on the stage and it is not difficult to see what he is wearing and how he is reacting. Looking at this picture, gives me a welcoming feeling and it looks like an introduction to a show. This man could be a host and is always in the spotlight because he is the leader of the show.


Spotlight Picture 2 (2013)