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Light Lab Week 12


Sunset on Venus- For this senario I decided to do high intensity colors that contrasted eachother. I imagined a very bright intence “sun” at the bottom with very cool blueish purple tones on top as the “sky”. For the cyc I used G930 at 50% and AP3800 at full on the top, and AP2190 at 50%, AP8320 at full, AP7850 at 75% and AP8300 at full on the bottom. My lighting on the bottom was mostly top lighting, one light on either side and one directly above to create shadowing as there would be at a sunset. I used AP2180 at full, and two with no color on full.


Sunrise in New England- For this senario I looked at pictures of newengland sunsets especially by the water and found that the sky was very blue and the horizon was much more pinky orange, I tried to do this with the cyc. On the top I used AP3400 at 25 %, L075 at 75% and G280 at 50%, L652 at full, and G345 at 25% at the bottom. The lighting on my model I used four lights two on either sides of the top and two on either sides of the bottom. I used G363 at full and G525 at 50% on top and G363 at 75% and G525 at 50% on the bottom.


Mars at noon- for this senario I chose to use very very intense reds and oranges with full lighting on my model to create a very bright sunny look likee there would be at noon. On the top of the cyc I used Red at full and the bottom I used AP7450 50%, Red at full, and AP2190 at 75%. For my lighting on the model I used two lights on the left, one directly above and one to the right. The gels I used were G363 at full, no color at full, G363 at 75%, and G363 at 50%.


Saturn at winter- For this senario I used very cool lighting but used contrasting colors with bblue and earthy reds, I wanted full light on the model but an overall cool look to the senario. For the cyc on top I used RE158 at 75% and on the bottom RE443 at 25%, RE363 at 75%, RE195 at 25% and RE195 at 25%. On my actor I placed two lights one on top of the other on both the left and right and one light directly above. I used G870 at full, G870 at full, G870 at 75%, G870 at 50%, and G870 at 50%

Lighting Moment #12

1) April 24, 2013, 8:58am, Professor Curtiss’ class

2) I am talking to some of my classmates and I look down at the floor and see from the reflection of the sun, a circle white glare with many different lines around it. It is a circle in the middle and look like a reflection of a crystal glass or fancy glassware with all the different lines and indents around it.

3) When I looked down at the floor and saw this, I was amazed to see a reflection from the sun like this. It was very cool and I have never seen anything like that before. The way the light was passing through the window and ended up creating an image like that was definitely unique and different.

Photo Oberservation (Light Lab-Week 12)

1) LIGHT LAB #1 (2013)

I used two lights for this description (A Fall Sunset on Venus). The light in the back is AP7600 Full and the light in the front is AP2190 Full. I decided to place the lights directly above the figure because I found it to be the closest color of Venus during this time of year. I think this image depicts the moment because Venus has an orange color to it and during the Fall, I thought this is what would be appropriate for this description.


2) LIGHT LAB #2 (2013)

I used three lights in this image to make the lighting look like a (Spring Sunrise in New England on Earth). The two lights in the front are L767 Full and G345 Full and the light color in the back in LHT010 Full. I decided to place the lights this way because when I think of a sunrise on Earth, I think of a orange/bright yellow color getting lighter and lighter as the day begins. I think this image depicts the moment because these are the colors in which a sunrise looks like.

3) LIGHT LAB #3 (2013)

I used six lights in this image to make the lighting look like (Noon on a hot Summer day on Mars). The three lights in the back are L100 Full, G480 Full, and AP6400 Full and the three lights in the front are L104 Full, L117 Full and NC Full. The reason I feel that this lighting depicts this moment is because during the day at noon, when you look up the sun is very bright and the color is sometimes white from the shine. I think of when I am in certain areas of the city and it is very bright, and I look up, the color of the shine and glare of the sun is this color for lighting.

4) LIGHT LAB #4 (2013)

I used seven lights in this image to make the lighting look like (Winter afternoon on Saturn). The four lights in the front are Yellow Full, AP8300 Full, AP8250 Full, and AP1800 Full. The three lights in the back are AP7770 Full, Ap8300 Full, and AP8100 Full. I tried to make the lighting look appropriate for being on Saturn and I felt that this is what an afternoon in Saturn would look like. I felt that the bright yellow on the top hand side of the figure would signify that it is afternoon on Saturn.