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Light Observation #1

Date, Time and Location: Wednestday, January 29th at 23:00

Objective Description: Roommate’s lamp in the otherwise unlit room. No lights from the street as the blinds were closed.

Subjective Description: Disturbing bright white light. This is the thing form nightmares, the kind of light they would use in creepy interrogation rooms in some kind of dictatorship society. I would use this light if I wanted to really shock my audience and give them a jumpstart of reality.

Photo Observation #1


2) From:

3) Theme: Sunrise/sunset

4) This photo exudes warmth as the day comes to a close on Venice Beach. The golden colors promote an exciting evening; the splash of yellows, oranges, and reds reflect the image and warmth of a fire. There is also an understanding of motion and life in this picture as the sailboat drifts into the sunset and the clouds move about. The asymmetry created by the clouds provide an unpredictable, yet fun energy and a beautiful image; their layering in the sky also provoke feelings of vastness and unknown, almost as if the end is unreachable. The image as a whole makes me feel like stepping into the unknown, but with a positive connotation. There is spontaneity within this picture: the clouds, the sailboat, and the water all move unpredictably just as the flames of a fire.

Light Observation #1 – Max Cerci

1) January 27, 2014 12:43: Drama Lounge of Emily Lowe

2) The electric light from the ceiling and the natural light from the sun coming through the broken and scrambled blinds of the window.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The warm rays from the sun came in like streaks of light clashing with the electric light from the overheads. The sunlight also revealed the dust particles floating around the room that otherwise go unnoticed. When the sunlight hit me, I felt a sense of warmth.

Light Observation #1

1) 1/29/14, 5:45 PM outside of CVStarr near Monroe and California Avenue.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I walked out of CVStarr leaving my class to walk to Lowe. There was a very large clock in front of me that I’ve never noticed. The light in the clock was incredibly bright.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sky surrounding me was a calm, light blue/gray without a cloud in sight. This peaceful sky complimented the bright white light of the giant clock tower. Even though time was glaringly, unnaturally, and overwhelmingly bright and largely displayed before me, for once I wasn’t thinking about time; instead, looking at this light I embraced the stillness and freshness of the winter night. The whole image of the light in the clock up against the cool sky promoted feelings that time was irrelevant. These feelings carried with me throughout the rest of the wonderfully peaceful evening.

2. Theme: Sunrise/Sunset

3. Description: The sunrise is peaking over the visible horizon line created by the trees.  The sun’s rays are reaching out to the water below and the dense clouds above.  The golden orb sits in a sweet spot between the silhouetted trees and the dark clouds above.  It creates a horizontal pocket of orange sky.  The entire sky is beautifully mirrored in the rippling water below.


Photo Observation #1


2) From:×768-pixel.html

3) THEME: Sunrise/Sunset

4) DESCRIPTION: As the day commences, the sun begins to rise, casting its first beams of the day. Stretching out from the sun’s white center are beams of yellow, like a mane around a lion’s head. On the water, the light is reflected, appearing as almost a golden pathway to the sun. Above, the day sky has begun to arrive, the faintest of blue tones beginning to appear. Where the new sky meets the beams of light, there is an almost green hue, as often happen when blue meets yellow. Through the light, the shadow of a sailboat is revealed, its details still masked in shadow.


Photo Observation #1 – Max Cerci


2) Taken by me at South Shore Plaza Mall in Braintree, Massachusetts.

3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) The clouds create a clear divide in color where the warmth of the sun’s bright, orange and yellow light are fighting against the subdued, cold blue and white light for the sky. The divide conjures up a “Battle in the Sky.” The sun penetrating through the clouds and into the cold, blue light reflects the strength of warmth and light in the fight against darkness.