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Photo Observation 5



1)Taken by my friend Ben, somewhere in Quebec, Canada.


3) This photo is of snow covered farmland. The trees and plants sticking out of the grass are desolate and dying. A storm was brewing overhead, leaving the sky grey and dismal. The muted colors and emptiness of the scene leave you feeling morose and solemn.

Lighting Moment

1)2/28/14 1:15 AM Outside Emily Lowe

2) Two custodians stand around the corner of Emily Lowe near the parking lot.

3) Though leaving Lowe late at night is not a new experience for me, I rarely encounter other people. I was startled to see two large men standing just behind the corner of Emily Lowe. Their features were obscured in shadow and most of their bodies reduced to hulking masses. The streetlight in the distance lit them from behind, amber light against blackness. Their cigarettes glowed briefly, illuminating their faces only briefly.

Photo Observation

1) creatures10


3) Poisonous

4) This is a mushroom that GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! This mushroom glows in the dark due to an enzime derived from decaying wood. It literally grows on death and attracts insect. This color is so unnatural that the fact that it is found in nature is very scary, the florescence makes me think immediately of some dreadful poison. I can see this color of lighting being used in a witch scene when this fluorescent light hits the smoke coming from the cauldron.

Lighting Observation

1) 02/23 sunset on my way to the Student Center

2) Sunset

3) The entire sky just looked like a renascence painting. The blue and oranges were mixing with themselves and playing in the clouds, creating this very peculiar pattern in the sky. The colors were pale though and faded which is unusual for a sunset, the whole thing looked like paint on canvas.

Max Cerci – Light Observation

1) 2/26/14 After the Symposium in the Playhouse Lobby.

2) The afternoon sun in the courtyard.

3) Walking out of the Playhouse theater and into the lobby a bunch of my friends and I didn’t waste time putting our jackets on as I began to say “It looks beautiful outside!” The second we opened the door a huge gust of freezing cold win hit with ferocity. Several different people began complaining “The light made it look so nice and warm outside!!” I found it interesting how the warmth of the sunlight in the courtyard and reflecting off the pavement immediately convinced us that it was springlike conditions outside even though we had all just been outside about 45 min. ago. This made me think about how easily light can fool our mind with the different psychological effects it has.


Lighting Observation #5

1.  2/27/14 7:10pm, Hofstra quad

2. Lights from Bits and Bytes on the left and dark, moonlit, quad on the right.

3.  On the left is Bits and Bytes that is lit from the inside.  Inside you can see colors, reds, brown, yellows.  Because it is the brightest light source around my eyes are drawn to it.  However, when looking to the right it is a completely different story.  The light from Bits and Bytes and the moonlight can only illuminate so much.  Everything is visible on the quad but there is no color.  There is a heavy contrast with the colorful Bits and Bytes on the left and the dark colorless quad on the right.

Lighting Observation #5

1. 11/24/14 at around 10:00 at a shopping strip in my local area.

2. This was a long array of shops that had neon signs, street lamps and big bright letters on the top of every shop.

3. The pitch black night surrounds the bright and highly illuminated strip around my area. Everywhere you look is a different color. The large lettering on the top of the building, entices customers to walk through their doors. From light greens, reds, violets, ambers, whites and pinks, a wide array of lights glow across the sidewalk. In the cold and dark night, this colorful and actively lit area is where you would want to be.

Photo Observation – #5

1. dreamlike-lighting-design-computer-40137


3. Dreamlike

4. It is the crack of dawn on a desolate beach, and the sun has begun to light up the deep blue sky.  Shining over the horizon, rays of red, orange and yellow cast down upon the hot sand.  The beaming sun shines down on two lush trees creating long, dark shadows along the ground. The silhouettes of the trees lie on the seemingly blue sand that hasn’t been fully illuminated by the sun’s inviting rays.  The golden light can fool anybody into thinking they are in a dream.

Lighting Moment #5

1. 26, February 11:32 am

2. I was sitting in my room, typing up a paper with the overhead lights off and the blinds open, and I looked to the left where the tungsten lights from the hallway came in from the cracks in my doorway.

3. I simply glanced over at my piece of paper that was lying on the lefthand side of my desk with the outline to the one I was writing, and the harsh glow of the artificial lighting from the hallway made a disgusting glow into my room. The nice blue drifting in from the window was peaceful, real looking, and against the harsh contrast of the orange light from the hallway, it lost its beauty and started to look cold and sick. It was almost infuriating to have something so beautiful and natural rendered to nothing when put in sharp contrast with another that is artificial and grotesque.

Photo Observation #5



3) Dreamlike

4) This image emulates “dreamlike” to me in many ways. Firstly, the neutral coloring of the picture as a whole allows for a suspended reality; real life is much more colorful, especially a scene like this that includes many aspects of nature. The fact that only the umbrella has a vibrant color provides a dreamlike quality. Maybe the umbrella has significance in this dream and/or could be protecting the girl from something she does not want to face. This whole image emulates the feeling of escape to me, which I associate with dreams; daydreaming is an escape in everyday life and dreaming is an escape at night. Also, the blue umbrella is lit to appear as the only tangible part of this image; its very much dreamlike to not be able to fully grasp anything else. In addition to that sense of impalpability, the boat that has the same light as the water offers a ticket to anywhere. Thus, the unpredictability and neutrality of this image embodies the notion of dreamlike.