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Photo Observation #2


3. Theme: Cold

4. Description: The dark blue skies create a cool atmosphere that sets the tone for the picture.  The far horizon line in the picture creates immense depth and a sense of loneliness. Also the blue and white water create a chilling effect as the foam of the waves begin to break.

Lighting Observation #2

1. 2/6/14, 9:54 pm, Leaving Emily Lowe

2. Objective Description: There is light coming from Lowe behind me, accompanied by a blue glow from the emergency contact post.

3. Subjective Description: The light from Emily Lowe create a sort of glow around the fringe of the quad. In the distance there is a small blue light.  There is a sense of isolation as the light only goes so far as it fades to dim moon light.  When walking away from Lowe and turning back the light from the building creates an inviting place in contrast with its dark surroundings.

Photo Observation #2

1) images-2


3) THEME: Cold

4) DESCRIPTION: Just like the mountain that rises from the background of this photograph, the coldness of this photo overwhelms this image. All around is a dark, sinister blue, giving an uncomfortable feeling to anyone looking at it. The clouds however, reflect the light differently, appearing as a lighter blue than the sky around them. A single beam of white light shines through the clouds, illuminating the treacherous journey ahead. This beam provides a sort of comfort, a hope, that perhaps, behind the coldness of the landscape, maybe there is a shed of warmth.

Lighting Observation #2

1. February 6th, 2014 6:13 PM, Yoga Studio-Hofstra Fitness Center

2. OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light of a single bulb in an ornamented lamp against the background of a darkened room.

3. SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In the already darkened Yoga Studio, there stood a single lamp, decorated with white paper and ornamented iron. The light from the bulb struggled to stretch past the thick walls of the paper, resulting in a faint light exuding from all sides. Against the back wall, the ornamented iron created a shadow on the faint light exuding from the light. In the dim light of the studio, the single bulb created a warm feeling, like a beacon reaching out of the darkness that surrounded us all.

Light Observation #2

1. February 6th, 2014 at 3:45 PM outside the Speigel Theater.

2. OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The transition from leaving a dark space and looking directly at the snow, which reflected the sun.

3. SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The snow was brighter than ever today, especially after sitting in a dark theater space for over an hour. The discomfort that the blindingly white snow created was rather painful. My whole body tensed and my eyes would not cooperate. The haziness of my vision allowed for a picture of endless white snow before me. A feeling of entrapment came over me; I somehow felt isolated in what seemed to be an open snowy field. The white snow was neither inviting nor excluding in it’s brightness. Flashes of warm feelings and bitter cold fell over me in a split second as the snow reflected the bright sun. It was an extremely paradoxical light experience. All other colors had vanished; the incredibly vivid whiteness had taken over.

Light Observation #2

1. Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Memorial Quad, 2:30 AM

2. Walking back to C-Square when the light of the lamp post flickers and goes out.

3. Bracing myself against the cold, I began my trek back to the recesses of Hofstra’s campus. I looked vigilantly from side to side around me, as one does when walking late at night, when suddenly the orange, artificial light around me flickered and extinguished. For a moment, it seemed complete darkness, but when my eyes adjusted, the pale, fragile light of the moon took the lamp post’s place. Though darker and more sinister, the walk to the next gleaming lamp post  down the path was more peaceful and calming. The natural light was a soothing relief from the man made light that makes up most of Long Island.

Photo Observation #2



3) Cold

4) Everything in this pictures exudes the cold. The spiky icicles make my shoulders cringe; the cringing feels similar to the clenching that happens in the cold. The grayish white color that covers the trees and lake promotes an uneasiness and a feeling of isolation. Because the branches with icicles interject the scene of the frozen lake and trees, there is a sharp tone to the picture; this tone mirrors the sharpness and suddenness of an intense cold blowing through. Everything is fragile, unstable, and slippery; I feel on edge when looking at this not only because of those qualities, but also because of the potential danger an icicle poses. Unfortunately, this image gives the cold a rather negative connotation. Though it can be an inviting winter wonderland, this landscape would only invite a brave soul.

Photo Observation #2


2. I took this photo in January 2014 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Prescott Park.

3. Cold

4. In this picture, the sun is setting, leaving the chill of winter to take over for the night. The ice covered pier juts out over the dark, swift, and frigid water. As the sun goes down, you can feel the wind pick up and the temperature drop.


Lighting Observation #2

1. February 4th 2014 at around 7:30 at Take-One Theaters.

2. A bright white light coming from an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. It is a warm, circular and luminous spot.

3. When I stood under the spotlight, the atmosphere was overwhelming. I felt like a star. The long, white beam of light shone down on me and suddenly, I was the center of attention. I was the most important actor on that stage. As the brightness of the light rose, so did my confidence. As I moved on stage, the shimmering glow of the spot followed my every footstep. This simple, conical strand of light put me on top of the world.

Photo Observation #2

1. untitled

2. The internet:

3. Cold.

4. Over the icy mountains, streaks of violet, teal and green race down from the deep blue sky. These shimmering, cool colors give a sensation of shivers and the need to be warm. The chilly water reflects the colors of  the beautiful, frosty rainbow above. As the frozen mountain tops stand below, the frigid colors of the aurora borealis put on a fantastic spectacle of illumination. This wonderful show of lights is nature’s finest curtain call.