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Photo Observation #3




2.  Theme: Nightlife

3.  The lighting in this photo accurately portrays “nightlife” in a variety of different ways. The neon street signs in a huge array of colors are a huge point. They show off the city’s street and advertise the life within the city. The brightness of the signs and buildings juxtaposed to the black sky create a contrast that emphasizes the colors and shapes. The signs and light all try to sell you to the exuberant life within that city.

Lighting Moment #3

1. 2/12/14, 12pm, Outside Emily Lowe

2. Stepping outside from interior lighting into broad daylight

3.  Having been inside for the better part of four hours, my eyes were well adjusted to the fluorescent lighting of Emily Lowe’s all too familiar hallways and classrooms. However, I was unprepared for the blinding light that was waiting for me outside. I stepped into the blustery air, and was met by brilliant sunlight filling every corner of my vision, reflecting off of the snow and awakening my eyes to the world around me.