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Photo Observation #4




3. Lonely

4. This picture embodied loneliness for me. The girl’s face is in shadow, so she retains anonymity and is alone. Not even the viewer can comfort her. The light that is striking from a source to the right doesn’t even reach her, she is continually cast in shadow where light and happiness and the comfort of something else cannot reach her. The bars of the staircase trap her, keeping her from the world outside her little corner or loneliness. The fact that that she and her surroundings are continually immersed in shadow from right to left isolates her even more. That there is only one light source isolates her from simply melting into the staircase and feeling some sort of attachment to that. She is truly alone, and the light is proving and reminding us of that.

Light Observation #4

1. February 18th, 9pm

2. I was sitting in a friend’s room when she turned the fluorescent lights off to show me the new blue hanging lights she put up on the walls of her room.

3. At first I was a little hesitant of her showing me these lights, because I thought they were going to be the blueish tint that comes off of LED lights and consequently hurts my eyes. But when she turned these on from the darkness they created a glow that made me feel like I was sitting in the most beautiful of aquariums. The lights seemed to dance along the walls, making everything serene and dreamlike.