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Photo Observation – Max Cerci

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 11.07.53 PM

Taken by me by the Charles River in Boston

3) Lonely

4) The sky is softly lit with a dark patch of clouds seemingly making its way in on the left. It looks as if darkness is taking over this picture. The light reflected off the water seems as if its aimed towards the chair, table and flower to emphasize the loneliness with a dark shadow surrounding the circular area of light, making the chair and table feel trapped.

Lighting Observation #4

1. February 18th, 11:30-12:00 at night on Portion Road.

2. This light is a bunch of bright headlights rushing by the left side of me. In front of me are red, some-what circular brake lights. These lights shined during a pitch black night.

3. As I drive home from a long day of work, I noticed the blaring, but beautiful headlights that rush past me on a dark night. They start off as a small twinkle in the distance, but as the cars on the other side rush by, they become two big white lights, creating a streak of brightness that lasts for a mere second. In front of me are two glowing red lights that flicker on and off. These brilliant lights were all around me as they illuminated the rest of my way home.


Lighting Observation – Max Cerci

1) 2/19/14 4:40 Walking back from the Student Center to the Netherlands.

2) The sunlights reflection off of the sidewalk.

3) As I left the student center to go back to the Netherlands, I was immediately blinded by the setting sun over the roof of the core. I couldn’t continue to look at it so I was forced to look down. It had just rained and the sunlight was reflecting off of the sidewalk like a white “red carpet” spanning from the shadow of the netherlands core, all the way to the student center. I found it very interesting that the rays of light created this one pathway along the sidewalk but no where else.


Photo Observation #4 – Lonely



3. Lonely

4. On a dark night, a lone soul walks along a black and empty footpath.  The only light provided is a dull, white light emitted from the street lamps surrounding the dusky pathway. The lampposts do a poor job illuminating this vacant area, giving it an uninviting atmosphere. Silhouettes of trees and bushes rise along the walkway.  This wanderer strolls through a vast area of darkness alone, with nothing but his shadow beside him.

Photo Observation 4



3) Lonely

4) The single spotlight struggles to shine its light through the blackness from above. All around it is just the darkness. It is completely alone, isolated from everything by the darkness which overwhelms the scene. Even still, it shines it light, and does the job for which it was intended. The light appears almost alive, and to me, seems almost melancholy for its lack of companionship with other light. Even still, it continues to shine.

Lighting Observation #4

1.  Thursday, 2/20, 6:40pm, Intramural Fields

2.  Street lights hitting the white snow.

3.  The amber light from the street lights create small amber pockets on the side walk and the snow covered grass to the side.  In the past the lights do not have much of pleasant ambiance because of the sickly amber.  However, the light hits the snow it turns in an amber color and gives that pocket of light more character that way.  Together, the snow and the light create an interesting aura within the circle of light.


Photo Observation #4


3.  Lonely

4.  This photo shows a silhouetted figure standing alone on a road.  The single source of light in the photo is coming from the street light in the background.  The amber light is dispersed pretty far due to fog.  The lighting in this photo creates a lonely atmosphere with a single high light source that shadows the subject in the photo.  Also the darkness that can be seen at the bottom and top corners of the photo add to the sense of isolation and loneliness.

Photo Observation #4



3) Lonely

4) The cold white light looks like the man had been swimming in fog, which is a very lonely place to be as it looks like nothingness. The darkness that surrounds it is very engulfing. The combination of light and darkness creates many scary shadows which can be representative of the fear one has of being alone.

Light Observation #4

1) Thursday, February 20th, Emily Lowe classroom 9:00am

2) Lighting coming from the window and casting a shadow.

3) In the dark classroom the only light comes from the window. It’s bright yellow and it casts the shadow of the bars from the window in the white wall. This shadow creates illusion that the intense yellow light is trapped under this cage. It is very beautiful and sad.

Light Observation 4

1) February 18th, 2014 on the Hempstead Turnpike around 8:30 PM

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Driving back from the Emergency Room, I noticed the light streaming from a stoplight.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In my sick state of mind, it seemed to me like my vision was enhanced. The congestion had caused my eyes to become watery, through which all light was heightened. I noticed in particular, one stoplight, with its tricolor, ever changing light. As the light switched from red to green, I noticed the beams of light streaming out from all around the source. The green light pierced through the cold, dead night, like a light crown around the circular lamp. In the background there danced beams of light coming from all of the street lamps, the harsh orange color with which we are all too familiar. The scene was beautifully painted in my mind: the colors of night on a busy highway.