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Lighting Moment #4

1.  Thursday, 2/20, 12:15 PM, Portsmouth House, Colonial Square

2.  Sunlight reflecting off of snow and pavement

3.  When I stepped outside of my doom this afternoon, I was greeted by a glorious and warm sun. It bounced off the snow and buildings around me, even on bits of grass peaking out near the edges of pavement. The sun’s white light was energizing and rejuvenating, full of life and happiness. It washed away any uncertainty from my mind and filled me with hope, if only for a moment.


Photo Observation #4




This photo gives me a weird empty feeling in my stomach, the way only a lonely photo could. The lighting in one corner from the rising sun offers promise of a beautiful day, but the thing about the photo that really sticks out is the dim, foggy bridge on the left hand side. Though it seems at first look that there could be a lovely day ahead, the sole person walking along the bridge in the mist probably can’t even see it. The city around him is steely cold, and the vastness that stretches out from his feet give the feeling of immense solitude.