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Photo Observation 5



1)Taken by my friend Ben, somewhere in Quebec, Canada.


3) This photo is of snow covered farmland. The trees and plants sticking out of the grass are desolate and dying. A storm was brewing overhead, leaving the sky grey and dismal. The muted colors and emptiness of the scene leave you feeling morose and solemn.

Lighting Moment

1)2/28/14 1:15 AM Outside Emily Lowe

2) Two custodians stand around the corner of Emily Lowe near the parking lot.

3) Though leaving Lowe late at night is not a new experience for me, I rarely encounter other people. I was startled to see two large men standing just behind the corner of Emily Lowe. Their features were obscured in shadow and most of their bodies reduced to hulking masses. The streetlight in the distance lit them from behind, amber light against blackness. Their cigarettes glowed briefly, illuminating their faces only briefly.