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Photo Observation #7



3) Shadow

4) This picture captures the essence of shadow that many people overlook. Most would associate shadows with literal darkness and isolation, however, you cannot create said shadow without light! Shadows can also be referred to as company for someone, a companion if you will. I think that’s somewhat the case for this image, especially since there are two shadowed profiles. With all that said, it’s apparent that the concept of shadow is pretty paradoxical, juxtaposing isolation with company and darkness with light; this idea is mirrored directly by the clear light/shadow divide down the center of the mask. The shadows in this picture bring the neutral-faced, white mask to life, making it appear introspective and reflective. It looks like it’s keeping a secret that could be dark and juicy. If the shadow were not in this picture, the mask would appear simple and plain. However, the shadow changes the meaning and feeling of the overall image; thus shadow and light are essential when bringing pictures to life.

Lighting Observation – #7

1. October 23rd at 6:30 at Hauppauge High School’s football field

2. Bight colorful explosions in a pitch black sky.

3. Every year, I attend the homecoming game at my old high school. At the close of the game the sky is illuminated with the most spectacular fireworks display you will ever see. The dark sky explodes into a mural of bright, stunning colors. Vibrant whites, exploding reds, lavish golds, and deep blues stream across the sky and paint the darkness with vivacious hues. The alluring display dazzles me and revives my sense of Hauppauge pride. It is these lively pyrotechnics that will always draw me back to every homecoming game at Hauppauge High School.


Photo Observation – Shadow #7



3. Shadow

4. The sun is shining down on a couple that casts long shadows on to the sandy shore. The contrast of the dark silhouettes pops against the pale blue ocean. The light sand brings out the shadows giving them a deep focus. The two young people are shrouded in darkness. Despite the lack of detail, the characteristics of color and their surroundings make it apparent of their love for each other.

Light Observation #7

1) Wednesday March 12, 2014 in New Academic building Black Box.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was backstage in the black box waiting for my cue line during Don Juan rehearsal. In this scene, I have to come in very upset/distraught, so I was trying to prepare for that.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While anticipating my entrance, I stared up at the only light that was back stage. The second I stared at the center of that little light, I began to cry. However, these were tears of mixed emotion; not only were they tears from the pain/readjustment of the sudden light, but also tears of sentimentality, recollection, anger, and joy. I was washed over in emotions by this singular light. I was lifted out of myself and laid into a sea of passing feelings, each lasting incredibly briefly. It was as if a tsunami of emotion made it’s way over me without drowning me. I was relieved to not have drowned in this wave that could have turned into terror. Instead, I used it for my scene work.

Photo Observation #7




3. Shadow

4. To me, shadow makes a picture. Shadow, not light is what reveals the form of something. And in this, shadow isn’t just revealing the form of something, it’s revealing something else unknown. Without shadow this picture would a flat unrealistic looking photo of a girl eating popcorn on a couch. With the shadow of the hand clawing at her and the deep high contrast shadows on her arms and face it gives the picture a much more sinister and foreboding feeling.

Photo Observation #7


2. Theme: Shadow

3. The use of shadows in lighting can give a profound effect on the mood of the scene, or picture.  Without the shadow, this picture would seem very docile and fairly boring. All it would be is a picture of a girl reading.  However, with the shadows added, it gives a sense of danger and mystery. Is she reading about something dangerous? Is she in danger herself? Is she a bad person? All these questions arise from the fact that there are shadows going across her, especially her face.

Lighting Observation #7

1. Location: 3/11/14, Outside Speigal Theater, 9:15pm

2. Objective Description: The moon is out and there some clouds.  There is light coming from a lamp lighting up the walkway.

3.  Subjective Description: The moonlight creates a dim atmosphere and creates wonderful shadows from the tree branches. At the end of the walkway is a lamp that is giving a nice glow to the area. It’s fairly dark but the trees are visible and their features are dark and richly lit by the moon.

Light Observation #7

1) Portsmouth House, Colonial Square. 12:30 PM 3/11/14

2)Transitioning from inside my dorm to outside.

3)When I opened the door to the courtyard of Colonial Square, I wasn’t expecting the atmosphere of pure joy that was waiting for me. The sun shone brightly everywhere, illuminating everything in all the best ways. Each blade of grass shone with the promise of spring time, and the yellow light around me filled me with the aura of immense happiness.

Light Observation

Location: Tuesday, 3/11/14, 4:35 pm, Outside Breslin Hall

Objective Description: The sun reflecting off of the windows of Breslin

Subjective Description: As I approached the building, I was immediately blinded. For the first time in a long time, the sun was bright and hot in the sky. It always seems that when the weather is nice, the sun appears more beautiful. The magnificent beams of light bounced off of the windows of Breslin, and streamed across my face. I felt their warmth. This light represented all that is to come in the coming season, and for the first time this year, I felt like the endless winter was coming to an end.