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Photo Observation #8



3) Desire

4) This picture emulates desire in it’s entirety. It has dim lighting, signifying mystery and more freedom in darker space, possibly with a lover. The rose also depicts desire and even lust; the candlelight emphasizes and showcases the pure red color of the rose. The book signifies intellect and mental expansion, which are both desirous. The fact that the rose, which is placed on top of the book, is lit by candles with no one in the picture allows for the possibility of desirous activities to be occurring without being captured in the image. This is a very inviting, exciting, and mysterious photo that provokes feelings of desire.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.52.37 PM

Photo Observation



3) Desire

4) This picture resonates desire to me. The couple seems to have a beautiful connection and there is also an element of glamour added to it. The lighting also adds mystery and the shadows make it seem really intimate.

Light Key


Lighting Observation #8

1. March 7th 2014 at around 8:30 at Take-One Theatres.

2. A long rectangular strip of lights that flash colors of cyan and red. Along with it is a bright, white spotlight.

3. On a Friday night, Take-One Theatres opened up their first show of ‘Peter Pan’. To make our flying scene magical we used a massive strip of lights that illuminated the space our Peter “flew” around. The light blinked bright, saturated reds and blues around the stage, generating a warm and exciting aura to the show. As Peter Pan whizzed around, a bright, white light shone down upon her, making her the star of the moment. The astonishing lighting made her the center of attention and helped the audience feel the magic of the moment.

Light Observation #8

1) Thursday March 27, 2014 at 3:45 PM outside of Lawrence Herbert/Cafe on the Quad.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I left Breslin after taking my Modern midterm, and while walking towards Lowe noticed the grey dullness of the sky. There was one green tree by the Playhouse, but I noticed the rest behind which were all barren against the grey sky, with no sunlight on them.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was very sad to see that the sky was not sunny and blue when leaving my midterm because I had hoped for a more positive energy once completing my test. The whole sky was covered with clouds, lighting the surroundings dimly. The tree covered with green leaves really stuck out to me when I first saw it since it radiated light and positivity, also a hope for Spring to come soon. It almost compensated for the lack of sun in the sky. However, directly behind the tree was a row of trees that were all completely barren. The bareness of the trees juxtaposed with the grey sky looked and felt like winter all over again. I found it fascinating to see spring and winter standing right next to each other, existing under the same light.

Lighting Observation

1) Friday, March 21 @ 3:00pm, Marshfield

2) The cloudy sky, the ocean and the Marshfield

3) The sky was completely cloudy and had a icy-grey color, the color of the sky was subtly transitioning into the intense pre-storm blue ocean, but the greatest part was the contrast of all those icy colors to the greenish-brown deadness of the marsh field. It was a gorgeous spectrum of colors I hadn’t seen together in nature before.

Photo Observation #8

1. Stage Lighting II


3. Desire.

4. It’s no secret that almost everyone’s desire is to be on the big stage. The bright, white lights that surround the enthusiastic singer from ten different angles around him. These lights make him the center of attention. Four blue spotlights hang from the very top of stage, beaming down on the stage, giving it a serene and “cool” feel. All the lights on stage illuminate the action on stage and light up the darkness that surrounds the wild audience. The lighting on the singers and the stage indicates that it is their time to shine.

5. Capture

Lighting Observation

1. 3/25/14, 6:50pm, Unispan

2. The sun beginning to set.

3.  As the sun was beginning to set the sky was separated into three horizontal sections. The top layer was yellow, the second was light blue, and the bottom, largest section, was a regular sky blue. It was very interesting because wherever the three noticeable sections of sky were separating there was a thin line of other colors.  Between the yellow and light blue section was a thin orange line. Between the light blue and blue sky sections was a thin line of what looked like white light or just a very light blue.

Desirable Bed


2. Taken from:

3. Desire

4. This image displays a very desirable bed. Apart from the desirable bed the lighting also creates a very desirable atmosphere. The low lighting creates  shadows on the wall and bed.  The lighting creates a cozy atmosphere and makes me want to be there.

lighting bed


Lighting Observation

1) 3/26/14, Student Center Front Cafe, 9:25 PM

2) The light from Sbarro reflecting

3) I looked up and saw before me a glistening sheet of metal. As the generic yellow track lighting in Sbarro reflected off of their overhead vent, the light changed, and produced beautiful lines all around. All around, the room was illuminated, as the transformed yellow light bounced off of the vent. The light, no longer harsh, reflected back off of the scrim like curtain that blocks the window. The entire scene was beautiful, until I realized the danger of the place before me. Calories. ‘Nuff said.


Photo Obs.




3) Desire

4) This image displays desire on many different levels. On the surface, it describes what every human desires. The couple, clearly involved in a very intimate moment, appear flawless in the light shining on them. The sun in the background also demonstrates desire, as a beacon between them, perhaps giving the idea of what is to come in the future. The warm orange light gives the whole image a very comfortable feel, highlighting each of the models’ features.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.13.52 PM