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Lighting Observation #11

1. 4/22/14 at around 11:30 at my friend Anthony’s house.

2. Christmas lights hung around his pitch black room. One strand is colored. The other sides of his room are completely dark.

3. Recently my friend moved into a new place that has quite a few problems. One of them being that most of the light blubs were burnt out. Because of this, his room gets shrouded in darkness at night. To eliminate some of the darkness, he uses two long strands of Christmas lights. Two sides of the room is illuminated with a row of colored lights that leave small traces of color on the wall. They leave the wall lit with faint reds, bright yellows, rich greens, brilliant blues, and soft pinks. They occasionally flicker leaving a small portion of the wall in darkness. However, these dimmed lights strikingly light up half of his room very well.  These shining lights are a beauty to look at, with their faint twinkle that brighten the black of the night. We almost don’t want regular lights in his room.

Light Observation

1) Thursday, April 24th, Hofstra University, 4:00pm

2) Seeing the bright sunlight from under a tree

3) The sunlight was coming through the spaces between the pink petals on the tree. The shadow formed such a gorgeous pattern. The strong sunlight made the pink petals glow to almost an incandescent color. It was a typical spring day and the whole scene just made me feel really warm.

Photo Observation #11

1. colorspotlights


3. Amusement.

4. Theatre has always been amusing to me. The one element in theatre that always makes me think is the lighting design. Why is the designer doing this? That’s the question I ask regarding this picture. Why would four sharply lit spotlights be lit and positioned this way? Regardless of the reason, it is wonderful to look at. The sharply lit red overlaps the piercing orange and the radiant green. Completing the design is the faint blue, overlapping the orange and green. The small overlapped parts create four odd white colors that lay in between the shining colors aside them leaving this ascetically pleasing display of lights. This set-up of lights isn’t normally used but it make you wonder why it would be. Despite it’s abnormality, it is still a wonder to look at.


Photo Observation #11



3) Amusement

4) Because “amusement” implies something entertaining, playful, and fun, most would think of amusement parks. I thought that this image of the Santa Monica pier would be a good choice, however, because it is similar to an amusement park in that it has rides, but it also has the amusement, wonder, and fun of the beach. Everyone enjoys a beach sunset, and though it may not be amusing per say, the sunset and relaxed, almost isolated/secluded beach environment encourages the amusement at the pier to be explosive! Amusement parks at night give a sense of security for freedom of spirit; it’s almost as if while you’re there, no one can judge you or think you are uncool for enjoying being there. The reflection of the ferris wheel lights into the water is enticing, inviting, and amusing; it looks like tie dye!

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.26.09 PM

Lighting Observation

1. Sunday, April 20, 8pm – Jamaica Air Train

2. I was coming back to Hofstra from Buffalo (taking the Air Train to Jamaica Station so I could get back) and the sun was on its last leg of setting.

3. As I was exhaustedly leaning against the pole of the Air Train, I turned to look out of the windows as we left the Airport towards the train station. The sky was dark with the oncoming night, but there was a thin strip of bright orange light softened by softer fading red light. It was altogether a small line across the horizon. It was almost sad – light the sunlight was doing anything it could to hold on just a little bit longer before succumbing completely to the night.

Photo Observation


2. My father took this while we were on Expedition Everest at Walt Disney World in January, 2011.

3. Amusement

4. Amusing things are always seen as bright and cheery, which is why the bright light of the flash of a camera is perfect for this situation. The fact that the flash is the only light keeps you focused on the hilarity of the subjects: the laughter and joy, the funny face, and more laughter. Even the picture itself makes you laugh. Also, this was taken on a roller coaster at Disney World. What is more amusing than an amusement ride at an amusement park?

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.50.52 PM

Photo Observation

1) amusement-parks-1


3) “Amusement”

4) When it comes to amusement, I immediately think of Disney World. I can remember going there as a child and being awed at every corner I took. At night, the lit-up castle displayed such beauty and color, and it was as if I could feel the magic in the air. I remember going on rides, being afraid, but at the same time, having this sense of confidence in myself. I felt as if I was on top of the world, and no one could touch me. It was this feeling of amusement, and moreso true happiness that made this an experience that I will remember forever.



Lighting Observation

1) 4/24/2014, 11:06 am, OSLA

2) The harsh fluorescent lighting reflecting off the wall.

3) For the first time since I’ve worked in the office, I noticed the lighting. I had never taken a second to actually look at the ceiling, and see how much the lighting affected the room. As I turned on the lights, I noticed how the long fluorescent bulbs flickered on, casting grotesque white light on the walls. The light shone in the room, taking the powder blue color of the walls and making them appear almost white in the room. One light, always pesky, is darker than the others, leaving a corner of the room in shadow. It gives the office the feeling of an office, giving the room personality and character.

Photo Observation – Max Cerci

1) Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.57.25 AM

2) Taken by my on Broadway in NYC.

3) “Amusement”

4) The word amusement takes on two different connotations to me in this picture. For one, the musical “Ghost” was a HUGE source of amusement and entertainment in my life as it was another factor that played into me wanted to be in production theatre (specifically light design). The production value of this show was so extremely high, with the illusions and tricks of the eye, projections, set and lights. It was one of the most amazing productions experiences I have ever had. The second meaning of the word amusement comes from the lighting of this photo. The illumination of the poster causes the image to be projected onto the building in such a way as to suggest that the poster itself has a “ghostly” counterpart. It is also kind of cool that it is harder to make out the man’s figure in the image projected on to the building.