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Light Observation #9

1. April 1, 2014   12:45 PM Outside Roosevelt Hall

2. Light filtering through branches onto cobblestone plaza

3. The intertwining patterns created from the tree hanging above me were mesmerizing as the wind softly shook the branches. The sun shone brightly, making a stark difference between the the distinct pattern of bare limbs with budding leaves and the hot sun that promised spring was on the way.

Photo Observation


3) Single Artificial Light Source

4) The lonely bulb, left alone in its socket, is the only light in this image. Even though it is all alone, it still tries its hardest to push out whatever light it has left. The harsh white light given off by the bulb appears to be almost ghostly, as the beams flicker and reflect off of the cold warm glass of the bulb. It casts its light upward, and the light appears on the ceiling above the bulb. Although, not natural, this light seems to be bursting with emotions, as expressed by the light it is giving off.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.37.55 PM


Lighting Observation

1) 6:35 PM, 4/2/14, My dorm room

2) The light from outside coming in through the window

3) As I lay in bed, I looked towards my window. The waning light of this beautiful spring day pushed its way through the blinds. The pattern it left of the floor was awe-inspiring, twisting pinks and oranges dancing between linear shadows. Spring has finally come.