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Light Observation

1. 4/23/14, 6:20 am, C-Square

2. Early morning Sun

3. As I was getting up at this early hour the world was being greeted by the sun.  The world has a very interesting light in the early morning. There is a beautiful softness to the quality of light. The colors are more muted but at the same time I feel it gives them a very rich color. The  sun is giving off an amber glow along with its soft light. I truly prefer this quality of light than the sharpness of the sun at noon.

Photo Observation





3. Amusement

4. When thinking of Amusement my mind went to the circus. With the circus comes lots of cool stunts and tricks. Also in the circus comes animals. All that put together and you get amusing elephants doing tricks. If this isn’t amusing, then I’m afraid nothing is.

amusement 1


Light Observation #11

1) 4/23/14 12:30 PM Walking from the Spiegle to Lowe.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: On this sunny afternoon, I noticed the beauty of the quad in front of Lowe when walking back from a club meeting.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun did not merely wash me in it’s seemingly unfamiliar rays (in this sparse spring season), but it truly drenched me in them! I felt a sensation of warmth, familiarity, comfort, and openness. I stopped to look up at the sun and closed my eyes to listen to it. It was as if I heard the sun speaking to me saying, “Maintain serenity; in stillness, you will find peace.” I was very confused by this situation after the fact, but it was a glorious experience. It also helped prove to me that the sun really does effect one’s mood and perspective on life. This moment of drowning was not negative; since drowning is one of my biggest fears I’m surprised that isn’t applying in this case. For a brief moment, I was relaxed at a spa, where I was bathing in this comfortable heat and homey feeling (the sun reminds me of California). I was like Gene Kelly in “Singing in the Rain” when he closes his umbrella to then dance/sing in the rain; the sun rained goodness, positivity, hope, and freedom.