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Lighting Observation

1) Thursday 5/1/14, 1:30 am, Intramural Field

2) Field Lights

3) The intramural field was severely flooded and looked almost like a lake. The lights from the field lights were on and are kind of bright by themselves. However, this night, the lights were reflecting off of the now lake intramural field. It created a very interesting look as the ground was very bright.

Photo Observation

Shadow Part 2

2) Photo Link

3) Shadow

4) I love the idea of shadows. They can be dark ominous figures. What I love about them is that they are created by the light. I find that relationship between light and dark very beautiful. The dark and ominous can not exist without the presence of light.

Lighting Observation

1) 1:16 AM, Spiegel Theatre, 5/2/14

2) The cyc lights on the stage.

3) As I struggled to breathe through the paint fumes and intense heat, I decided to look up at the lights hanging from the Spiegel’s truss. The harsh white light blinded me, and I could see phosphenes on my vision. The light was like the rays of the sun, burning into my skin, and making sweat beads appear on my head. The night trudged on as we raced to finish the set.

Photo Observation #12



3. Sunrise/Sunset.

4. Nothing creates a warmer feeling quite like a beautiful sunset. The rich colors of the sun emit a dazzling mix of colors that range from burning reds, bright oranges and stunning yellows. As the sun just sets over the horizon, it sends out a beam of light casting on this fortunate man, who gets to see this wonderful display of light. The beam of light casts down leaving the back of him shrouded in darkness. Behind this man lies a dark and black light, while in front of him is a shining ball of radiance, wait to create a new horizon.

5. Capture

Lighting Observation #12

1. On Portion Road 5/1/2014 @ around 11:00.

2. A blue flash of lighting that lit up a dark sky with a array of house lights below it.

3. One of the many marvels of light comes from vicious thunderstorms. On my way home from a show, It began to rain. The pitch black sky suddenly became darker. However, there were moments where lighting would light up the sky and the road in front of me. The black sky suddenly became light blue in an instant. This vivacious streak of blue spanned all across the sky, beaming all across the skyline. When these beautiful strikes of light  occur, it makes the world below it glow with radiance for a brief moment. It was a stunning sight to see this wonder of nature illuminate the sky.

Final Light Observation

1) Wednesday, April 30th, 11 PM between Spiegle and Mason.

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: I was walking in the rain from Bill of Rights to the Spiegle for Cabaret, but went immediately towards Mason to use the bathroom. The only light I saw was that which shone through the window on the door of Mason.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: After being in a misty gloom of rain all day, seeing this one light in the window of Mason shook me. It woke me up a bit since it was the only light I had really seen on the whole walk over; my eyes were used to the deep blue wash and mist that had been surrounding me. I felt like I was swimming in the ocean and the light from Mason was a light from a boat, signifying that I was near the shore. The heavy air most definitely resembled that of the ocean. Though it was dark, sticky, deep blue, and very wet, somehow that was calming and the light was too alarming; I almost wished I hadn’t seen it so I couldn’t feel grounded. This may reflect the fact that I was walking to Undergrad Cabaret, which is a terrifying concept since that means I’m moving onto a new phase of life very, very soon. This light of Mason could also represent the near future. Though it is terrifying, in a way, it is grounding, refreshing and exciting!

Final Photo Observation



3) Dreamlike

4) This image in it’s entirety looks dreamlike, even ethereal. To me, it looks so peaceful, imaginative, and tranquil that it can’t be real; it has to be a dream. The enigmatic environment also provides and cultivates a dreamlike air. The sunset creates a dreamy sky, which provokes a feeling of freedom; nothing is holding this subject (could be man or woman) back. The openness of the warmly, yet subtly lit field makes the viewer feel warm as well. The subject reaching in the sky could even be imagining the butterflies; this image invites the audience to expand their imaginations to potentially match or even surpass his/hers. Altogether, the subject and lighting of this picture make it dreamlike.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.59.50 PM

Final Photo Observation



3) Sunrise/Sunset

4) As we post our final photo observations, I wanted to do something really deep and symbolic. As the first photo theme was sunrise- looking forward to a new semester full of learning about lighting. Now, as we finish these blog posts, I thought it was only right, to end with sunset. As we look back on our semester shared, we have come so far and learned so much. This picture shows some beautiful lighting, the warmth of the sun reflecting off of the warm water below. I really like the way the palm tree is silhouetted in front of the sun as well, casting some cool shadow effects. So for the last time, here is my picture.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.40.54 PM

Photo Observation

1) trash-shadows-1


3) Shadow

4) This picture shows my favorite quality of shadows: that they are deceiving. I love the illusion the shadow creates  and the story it tells. This picture also embodies another great characteristic of shadows: that they are often creepy. This is a very scary picture that tells a very intense story and represent perfectly the theme of shadows.

5) 000A