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Lighting Observation

1) Thursday 5/1/14, 1:30 am, Intramural Field

2) Field Lights

3) The intramural field was severely flooded and looked almost like a lake. The lights from the field lights were on and are kind of bright by themselves. However, this night, the lights were reflecting off of the now lake intramural field. It created a very interesting look as the ground was very bright.

Photo Observation

Shadow Part 2

2) Photo Link

3) Shadow

4) I love the idea of shadows. They can be dark ominous figures. What I love about them is that they are created by the light. I find that relationship between light and dark very beautiful. The dark and ominous can not exist without the presence of light.

Lighting Observation

1) 1:16 AM, Spiegel Theatre, 5/2/14

2) The cyc lights on the stage.

3) As I struggled to breathe through the paint fumes and intense heat, I decided to look up at the lights hanging from the Spiegel’s truss. The harsh white light blinded me, and I could see phosphenes on my vision. The light was like the rays of the sun, burning into my skin, and making sweat beads appear on my head. The night trudged on as we raced to finish the set.

Photo Observation #12



3. Sunrise/Sunset.

4. Nothing creates a warmer feeling quite like a beautiful sunset. The rich colors of the sun emit a dazzling mix of colors that range from burning reds, bright oranges and stunning yellows. As the sun just sets over the horizon, it sends out a beam of light casting on this fortunate man, who gets to see this wonderful display of light. The beam of light casts down leaving the back of him shrouded in darkness. Behind this man lies a dark and black light, while in front of him is a shining ball of radiance, wait to create a new horizon.

5. Capture