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This is another one of my own photos.

THEME: Nightlife

DESCRIPTION: This is a photo taken of the NYC skyline from Long Island City. The lighting was amazing, and I’m glad I was able to capture it in a photograph. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the orange and green lights in the foreground are the star of the image. The way the lights reflect off the ground is incredibly captivating. I also love the way the two colors bleed out into the shadows, as well as how the two colors meet in the middle. In the background is the NYC skyline which you can see in the night sky and in the reflection of the water. The photograph seems festive and alive, but at the same time there’s a sense of stillness and peacefulness in the night.

Neon Night Lights

Theme: Night Life



I chose this picture because it invited me into a fun story. The intense neon colors, the cracks in the pavement and walls, the steps leading into the dark–all of it screams debauchery and vice. What I see here is a trashy hole-in-the-wall venue that may be fun, scary or both. The picture is taken in such a way that the “WATCH YOUR STEP” is shown, but the actual letters on the sign aren’t. The irony of those words combined with the blur of the sign and the blackness of what’s beneath make this photo feel dangerous, but the myriad of color suggests a fun danger. This is enticing. The lights create a clever color fade effect, as they get colder the farther down you go. I think walking through this would feel like walking from a pink daylight (a time of routine and structure) into a blue night (a time of fun and release).

Photo Observation

Captura de pantalla 2015-02-02 a la(s) 12.29.25


This is a photograph from Nicholas Jandrain’s photo series Shanghai.

The photo corresponds to the theme Night Life.

This street has gone to bed early. The stores are shuttered up and all their patrons and owners have left for the day. Nocturnal streetlights and insomniac store security lights dimly light the alleyway. In the background, apartments and office windows flood the sky with light like pixelated stars. The sky soaks up the light pollution like water soaking up a wash of pigment. One figure stands alone in the light coming from a shop, the only one left awake.

Vegas, Baby!


Photo taken by my sister Wendy June 2014


Nothing says night life quite like Vegas. Vegas at night is a cacophony of colored lights that just say fun is happening here. This photo was taken from the “Linq”, the new giant wheel ride in Las Vegas. It features the world famous Flamingo Hotel at center and other icons, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Paris Las Vegas and others. I like the reflection of my sister and I both taking picture superimposed on the scene with me beer in hand (another staple of night life). Notice also, just below my phone, the beam of light shooting up from below. That is from the top of the pyramid which the Luxor Hotel & Casino.