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Light Observation #2

1) 2/12, 5:00pm, Parking lot at Hofstra

2) The dark blue sky, the moonlight, and a street lamp combined to shine on a two large winter trees.

3) I was standing directly under two large trees with twisting branches when I looked up and noticed this beautiful combination of colors that was glowing from the trees. The first layer of light was the midnight blue from the sky above. This layer covered both trees completely and was the base of what I was looking at. The second layer was the moonlight, which only hit a certain side of the trees, creating shadows within the branches themselves. The third and final layer of light was a street lamp that rested within the trees. This cast a warm glow over an otherwise very coolly lit scene. The beauty and majestic mood set by the lighting could have been taking as dark or eerie, but I felt it to be much more relaxed and elegant.


Light Observation 2

1. Feb 13, 2015

2. Morning sun through window blinds

3. I woke up a half hour before my alarm went off this morning. I’m never up this early, when the sun rises over eastern Long Island and hits the face of my building. The room was filled with an orange crimson light, broken up by the slats of the window shades. Everything in the room looked soft and dreamy. I was not ready to wake up yet. The dreary thought I had, my mind still half-connected to sleep, was that I was in a warm oven, not quite finished baking yet.

Photo Observation 2



Theme: Nightlife

I set out to look for photos of New Orleans because I wanted a vibrant picture of nightlife– lights hanging, people crowded, bright colors– but I was really caught off-guard by this picture. I’ve never had taste responses to pictures of non-food before, but this picture did it. The warmer colors of the street lamps and their shine on the yellow-green leaves of the tree made me taste citrus; particularly orange. The bright blue-green colors reminded me of mint. These are two terrible flavors to mix– anyone who has had orange juice after brushing their teeth will know, but I think the contrast works in this picture to create a flow of colors, and the movement of the lights from the upper left-hand corner to the center right (the woman in the photo also lends to this movement with her posture) creates that journey from tangy and wild to refined. There are many more things to say about this picture (such as the silhouette of the fence and woman or the texture of the stones) but that was the most interesting encounter I had with this picture.

Light Observation 4

1) Feb 12, ~2:20 PM; Lowe 106

2) Light coming through window blinds

3) Before our movement class, a few friends and I were running around and warming up in the space. It was very cold, but we knew that we would be warm soon after we began our class so we chose not to turn on the heat. The light that was laying diagonally on the studio floor was warmer than the rest of the floor, so I chose to stand there to warm up my toes. I looked down at my foot and the lines that were created from the light that missed the blinds were rounded up on my foot. It felt jarring and almost gross to look at my foot this way– to see the curves and skeleton of my foot. It was jarring because the light moved along my foot but I did not feel anything– like a ghost sensation. I felt the need to move my feet so that the lighting could lay flat on the ground, but I also felt intrigued by the sort of character I had created with the shape of my foot.

Light Observation 3

1) Feb 9, ~10:00 AM; C. V. Starr Hall

2) Daylight in tinted windows

3) This lighting moment moved along with me, so you’ll have to imagine it. I was walking into C. V. Starr Hall and had just mentally commented on how beautiful and warm the day was. When I entered the building, I took a right turn and walked past the windows. They were lightly tinted a brown/grayish color. I was intrigued by them in some way but I couldn’t figure it out yet, so I filed them away to try to define the ‘lighting moment’ at a later time. My class ended and when I walked out of the building I found it! It wasn’t as naturally dramatic as some lighting; there were no big shadows or silhouettes, but it was still exciting. As I was walking out with a line of people, the doors in front of me were opened and the outside was visible in un-tinted daylight. However, to either side of me, there were doors and windows tinted with the same brownish-gray that I had noticed. The people walking in front of me were visible only by their backs, but I watched them transfer from mostly artificial light to complete daylight. As I said, this moment moved with me because the interesting part of the lighting was that it was moving people– it was propelling them forward to the outside. Moving from one lighting to the next seemed active and eager. I think if we can set up lighting like that onstage, we can create movement that propels the audience’s eyes from one space to the next.

Light Observation #2

2/12/15, 1:55 AM

Student center staircase

There is a creepy semi-hidden staircase in the student center located next to Card Services. I take this staircase frequently when going upstairs for office hours or meetings for a club I’m part of called Entertainment Unlimited. This staircase has dim lights on the walls that only shed light on pockets of space (certain stairs) and make the rest of the space relatively dark at night. Walking through the area always makes me feel like I’ve temporarily left Hofstra and entered a dangerous place. The effect is aided by the fact that the staircase is always the same temperature as the weather outside because the heat doesn’t reach it.


“Miasma Sky”

2/10/15, 12:30am, outside Alliance Hall

The sky was doing wacky things as my boyfriend Matt and I headed back to his room following birthday festivities. It was an eerie mixture of purple, orange, and grey. A song called “Miasma Sky” often comes up on Matt’s auto-shuffle when we are in his car. Earlier that very day I had looked up what “miasma” meant:

noun, plural miasmas, miasmata
[mahy-az-muh-tuh, mee-](Show IPA)
1. noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluviaor germs polluting the atmosphere.
2. a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.
I had a muddy image in my head of what a “miasma sky” would look like, but now I knew. The purples, oranges, and greys mixed together on a giant canvas to make what I will from now on refer to as “miasma.”

Marry The Night



This photo that I found on the web reminds me of (many) a drunken night spent in the city with friends. The slant, of course, creates the uncentered feeling that a few hours of partying will cause on the body. I love how the headlights from the cars make us feel like everything is in motion. Even at 3am, NYC is not sleeping — or even close to being quiet. The warm lights from what looks like a late-night diner are welcoming to many a soul who would regret not eating after the night’s debauchery. And even though it is a subtle addition, the few apartment lights on make me wonder what everyone was up to at this hour. Walking the city streets at night makes me feel larger than life, but something about this picture makes me feel small. Perhaps it is that I know that I will just be another apartment light that is on, or off, to anyone passing by.