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Spoopy Orphanage





Theme: Spooky


I think the spook factor in this picture comes mainly from the lack of light and color. The colors are dull and monotonous, and light only exists in certain spaces. It gets blacker deeper down the staircase. The black shape on the left wall looks like some sort of shadow, but when examined more closely, you can see it’s a window to a dark place. There is an air of mystery about the entire photo. I can’t tell what’s at the bottom of this staircase or beyond these rusty walls. A lot of what’s here is hard to identify due to the lack of light.



Photo taken by Peter Charney

THEME: Spooky

DESCRIPTION: First of all, this shot reminds me of a scene from Shutter Island, which is one of my favorite movies. The lighthouse itself looks very abandoned and not inviting. The rocks around it make it feel dangerous and difficult to get to. But I think the light does a lot to create the feeling of horror as well. The shadows in the lighthouse and the rocks reflects the fear of the unknown. The water looks dark and ominous. My favorite part of the lighting is the sky, which vanishes into an overexposed pure white. I am pleased that I was able to take a poorly shot image, and use that to my advantage in created a different mood. The lack of color as a whole, with the exception of a blueish tint, makes the image feel even scarier. Spoooooooky.

Photo Observation 6




This photo terrifies me. I think there’s a theme in images that scare me– I’m afraid of lack of visibility and even though this area is well lit, the visibility for what’s around the corner at the end of the hallway is not available. I also hate fluorescent lights because they make me feel self-conscious, nervous, and under pressure. I think the lights in this hallway are also set up to encourage movement– I get the sense that there’s no choice when you enter this hallway, you can’t go back. You have to go to the end.

Photo Observation 5



Lack of visibility is something that really scares me. The fog in this picture detracts from the visibility, and the swirling of the abandoned roller coaster makes me feel dizzy and uncomfortable. I also feel like the color in this photo is so washed out and monochromatic that it makes everything disorienting and spooky.


Light Observation 9

1) March 2, ~9:00PM; Adams Playhouse

2) The lighting design for Richard II, Act 3 scene 3

3) In 3.3, I am part of the group that watches Richard and Aumerle at the top of Flint Castle. I understood the concept of the McCandless “warm and cool” lights, but I’m glad I got to see it in action (I am right, right??) At the top of Flint Castle, Richard and Aumerle are lit by a blue-white light and a yellow-white light. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the blueish light is the warm and the yellowish is the cool. I always associate blue with cool and yellow with warm, so it was exciting to see them working in reverse.