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Light Observation

The other night after a party I passed out at my friends’ house in their spare room. They refer to it as “the palagio” because it is a very elegant room. The next morning, I woke up to sunlight streaming in through the blinds. The room was illuminated and shone with its walls all painted white. There were abstract reflections on the vaulted ceiling from the mirrors in the room, as well as my phone screen which also caught the light. Combined with a warm breeze filtering in through the window and the warm mattress which i rested upon, it truly felt like a palace.

Photo Observation





I like this picture because the warm light coming in through the window of the house is very comforting. It reminds me of a picture i took of my house this past summer. The single light source of the window gives the feeling of a calm afternoon in a welcoming house.

Light Observation: The wifi router

The wi-fi router on my ceiling sometimes changes colors at night, and as sensible as I like to consider myself, that little change from blue to green on that light panel, no larger than a floss-box always creeps me out.

Its standard color is blue: cool, calm blue. It reminds me of a baby’s nightlight. It hits my Whitney Houston poster in such a way that Whitney’s skin looks heavenly, beautiful. The seafoam green light comes on occasionally if there is a problem with the wi-fi. It makes her look extraterrestrial and strange, and her teeth look grimy. The color is reminiscent of some secret corridor in an X-Men movie that no doubt leads to an illegal testing room.

Single Light Source: What is he hiding?

single lighting




I chose this picture because it reminded me of the lecture on Stanley McCandless. He said that to make stage lighting look natural, one side of the actor’s face will have to be lit with warm light and the other with cooler light, because one is rarely looking straight-on into a lighting source. Here we see a man, the left side of his face illuminated, and the right side in almost total darkness. His left eye looks so warm and available, the wrinkle around his mouth looks like the shadow of a smile. But he is not looking at us head-on, and only a small catch-light from his pupil is visible in his right eye — the lighting and the subtly turned head gives the impression that he has a secret. I wonder what he is hiding?

Light Observation 10

1) March 3, 9:23PM, Dressing Room

2) Contrast of colors on people in the dressing room

3) I was taking pictures for the designated Instagram account for Richard II. I got a nice picture of Jenna Davi doing Justin Valentino’s makeup for his role as the Duchess of York, but I didn’t know why I preferred that picture to others I had taken. I did not that I had to turn off a set of lights that were glowing behind them and making the picture impossibly too dark or too bright. Once I did turn them off, I came up with a well-lit and balanced image. It wasn’t until the editing process that I noticed that the image had some really great color contrast in the lighting. There was a light coming from the right side of the image that put hints of red on Jenna’s costume and face and Justin’s hair. There was another source of lighting that was more blue and shone blue on the top of Jenna’s forehead and the back of Justin’s head. The color contrast surprised me because when I think of the dressing room, I think of dull, washed out white light. But this image proved that there are some great dramatic tones to be found there!


Photo Observation 7



Single subject, single light source

This is an image I pulled from a low key lighting photography tutorial. Low key photography is famous for utilizing a single light source in order to create dramatic photos. Although the subject of this photo is a bunch of apples (a pretty harmless group of objects) the dramatic lighting and popped color makes me think they are an important plot device somehow– perhaps the apples the Evil Queen gives to Snow White?

New Canvas

Possessed Kitty

Screenshot 2015-03-19 16.29.58

Photo taken by Rych

Single Subject Single light source

This is a still from a camera video of my cat Sophie. The room was completely dark so I had the LED on my camera on and this reflection off of her eyes resulted. I almost used this for spooky; she looks evil and possessed.