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Light Observation #5

1) 3/19 11:30pm. Ohio River, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2) Cincinnati skyline reflecting in the water.

3) One of the best parts of the USITT trip to Cincinnati was one night when we walked a bridge and crossed over into Kentucky. We were able to go down to the water and look back at the bridge and the skyline of the city across the water. As vibrant and alive as the city lighting felt, the water was even more illuminated. All of the lights from the buildings seemed to perfectly mirror themselves in the river below. The bridge had a series of lights the ran along the sides which reflected into the water. The entire moment was incredibly serene and memorable.


Single Light Source

DSC_0135Photo by Peter Charney

To me this accurately represents a single light source because as far as I can tell, there is only a single light hitting the flower from the top, and a little bit behind it. I love the way the single light creates these deep shadows within the flower. It’s interesting that the middle part with the stems (whatever it’s called) is usually the part of the flower most in focus with photography, but in this image it’s completely in silhouette. I love the deep purples and blacks and how it blends into the white from the light.