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Photo Observation

shadowThis photo, although it shows a diversely colored lighting scheme, is also a good example of shadow. The interior of what looks to be the restaurant is almost dark on the inside, although just outside the window we can see multiple neon signs. Inside, the table and bench seats are bathed in darkness, with only their basic forms illuminated by the light filtering in through the window. The juxtaposition of the intense lights towards the middle/upper part of the image and the dark shapes in the lower half creates a sharp contrast of hyper nightlife and sleepy mystery.

lighting key



Photo Observation 8


My roommate took this.

I originally took this photo of my using my computer for another class, but the lighting happened to be spectacular AND fit the photo theme for this week. I’m very lucky.

The shadows in this photo make this particular moment seem intense. Although I was pretending to draw and not actually drawing, the lighting focused on the work area makes it seem like I have been up all night and the shadow behind me gives me the impression that the project was somehow the most important one I’ve ever done.




Photo by Peter Charney

Searching for a good image for the theme “Shadow,” made me realize that I really don’t use a lot of shadows in my photography. I did find this image, which I think is a really interesting take on the theme. The shadow in this photo is in this tunnel. There is no light reflecting off anything in the tunnel, so it is pitch black. Our eyes are drawn straight into the darkness. We fear the unknown.

Sonic Shadow


Theme: Shadow


I love the perspective on this. The way the semi-ovals change in size reminds me of a sonic boom, but if looked at long enough, many things can be found in the cone-shaped path of light. Because the light source is sunlight and it’s coming from everywhere, the shadows from the arches are responsible for creating the shapes.